SpaceX aims to expand its Robert Road site by up to 100 acres…but NASA!

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SpaceX aims to expand its Robert Road site by up to 100 acres…but NASA!
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SpaceX is aiming to expand its Roberts Road site by up to 100 acres!
Why do they do that?
What all this extra space could be used for?
And will the company encounter any obstacles in the expansion as at Starbase?
All this and more in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

With 33 launches under its belt in 2022 alone, SpaceX is hoping to increase its productivity by consolidating its Space Coast resources to a more centralized location.
The company is working in cooperation with NASA to expand its operations at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) by increasing its footprint by up to 100 acres.
The proposed expansion would take place at SpaceX’s leased property along Roberts Road. The site is where the company refurbishes Falcon 9 first-stage boosters in HangarX.
“It’ll support their overall operations for the Falcon, Falcon Heavy as well as the future of Starship, consolidated into one operational area,” said Don Dankert, the lead for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance at KSC.
Dankert and his colleagues are responsible for preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) to evaluate SpaceX’s proposed work since it requires NASA to execute a real property agreement with SpaceX under NEPA and other relevant laws.
“It allows NASA to evaluate the proposal to expand the Roberts Road Operational Area in its totality,” Dankert said. “So, we consider all environmental aspects — from natural resources, socioeconomic, cultural resources. Kind of the full gambit of environmental issues and concerns.”
SpaceX aims to expand its Robert Road site by up to 100 acres…but NASA!
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  1. People need to understand that NASA and all its Infrastructure including Pads SITS in the middle of The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge since its very inception. SpaceX MUST adhere to any and all regulations and applicable laws.

  2. I will bet there was none of this FAA EPA bullshit during the Apollo program or even the Shuttle

  3. I’m still waiting for the start of a ‘storage facility’ that will hold the multiple Starships that will supposedly head to mars simultaneously. And a hard number for how many tanker launches will be required to refill each Starship prior to TMI. And where will all this methane come from? Lots of questions, very few answers.

  4. Hypocritical miss information,and as for the so called tribe,they never ever lived there, reed up on you history all that land be longed to the Inca nation, it was their sacrificial hunting ground to feed the the ritual slaughtering,thousands every year to feed their gods.

  5. Well if they won’t let space x launch from the cape,I can seeing it all going off shore,or to a more understanding country,that will take great pride in being the first one to say we got it dun ,the country that allowed space x,to go to the moon and on to Mars, and build the star ship fleet,it has to happen,no shity, government department can be allowed to halt progress in the name of a few birds,and annual egg laying turtles, Christ the beach is a shit hole, if it wasn’t for space the beach tidy up wouldn’t happen,and the city dump is right next to the so called clean beach,talk about hippo they

  6. EVERY time I watch one of your videos I'm wanting fried chicken….. I don't hear KSC, I hear KFC. Yea, my hearing sucks but I blame YOU for me running out to get chicken on a regular cadence nowadays!

  7. If NASA is so worried about damage @ pad 39a/b, why doesn't NASA develope pad 40 while SpaceX concentrates on 39…?

  8. The need to enable this planet to put hard wear into space, build. Moon base as the launch site to effectively deflect asteroids away from impacting earth, must be unhindered by bs over site knob jockeys, note currently the earth does NOT have full early warning system in place, so why so many bs hold ups 😡😡😡😡

  9. Just another opportunity for NASA and Capitol Hill to give SpaceX a high level colonic. As the man said, for all the bullshit just read delay, delay, delay…

  10. If the Gov keeps screwing with Elon he should move all operations to another country that is not so stupid. NASA could pay China billions for every person launched to ISS. China could have the first moon outpost. China could be the first to Mars. China could have all the EVs. China could have FSD. China could have the best power grid. China could have the best cities with roads underground. China could have suborbital planetary travel. The US Gov needs to back up and look at what can happen if they keep pushing.

  11. …And, they have not even started the astronaught/passenger infrastructure needed to support scores of peeps.

  12. Florida would benefit from this expansion, as it would bring more high paying jobs to our state, which would be a boost to our economy. So, for that reason alone, I'll bet the Biden Crime Syndicate will not allow it to happen while they're still in power. #Trump2024