Scientists SHOCKED By Elon Musk's NEW INSANE Engines From SpaceX!

Scientists SHOCKED By Elon Musk’s NEW INSANE Engines From SpaceX!


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🟡Elon Musk’s INSANE Plan For SpaceX Starship To Sustain Life!

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  1. LOL at video, Russian Rocket with American cars… come on man, get accurate footage.. LOL at you.

  2. Right! WTF was that headline all about? The only thing that shocked me was how this garbage was allowed to be uploaded. Everyone who follows SpaceX and the really good honest platforms knows about the Raptor engines and have done for a few years now and any one of us could copy and paste parts of someone else's post to put this together then produce a Dramatic headline which is a total fairytail! Try and do something original because we have seen these posts months ago and yes the Raptors are great engines and we don't need a history lesson.