Elon Musk JUST ANNOUNCED His $60+ BILLION Deal With GM!

Elon Musk JUST REVEALED That He Wants To BUY GM in $60+ BILLION Deal!

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The Ramos Arizpe facility in northern Mexico will produce the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV, according to GM’s announcement on Monday.By the end of 2023, the vehicle will be prepared for sale in Mexico, according to a press statement from GM.GM has been contacted by The Post for comment.Teslas are the most made-in-USA automobiles, according to Musk, who was unceremoniously shunned by President Biden when he didn’t invite the Tesla CEO to an electric vehicle summit at the White House last year. Both Detroit behemoths use union employees, while Musk’s company does not. The richest man in the world, whose fortune is estimated to be worth $223 billion, has long been an opponent of unions.Tesla produces its automobiles at four completely functional facilities: one in Fremont, California; a recently constructed “gigafactory” in Austin; another sizable plant in Shanghai; and a just opened one in Berlin.

While Musk bragged about the fact that his firm has manufacturing operations in the US, Bloomberg News reported that Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), a significant supplier of Tesla’s battery cell technology, is looking into building locations in Mexico.
Biden’s support of GM and his photo ops with its CEO, Mary Barra, stoked rumours that he was deliberately snubbing Musk, who has been a regular target of the president’s criticism.Earlier last month, after the president stumbled while reading a speech from a teleprompter, Musk mockingly referred to Biden as “Anchorman,” telling him to “repeat the line.”

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  2. Oh yeah what about the mining for those materials you enviourmental nut jobs. Bet you don't come out to bat for the fat headed turtle then. Only when it suits you.

  3. This is silly EVs are still charged by fossil fuel. How will they dispose or recycle the batteries. Note to leftys quit using something so important to incite people to kill each other when you our the worst offenders.

  4. bullies like people they can scare, they are afraid, losing power, can't power control Musk, he is his own man

  5. All electrics rely on an unsustainable battery problem. Supply and safety. Range and availability to charge must be solved. Tesla sucks for repair also. Don't sell to the ego trip Musk

  6. Whether or not the buyout goes through, even if GM rapidly converts to electric vehicle, an imminent crisis exists–HUGELY impeding usage of.electric vehicles. Needed: an ENORMOUS increased capacity in electricity generation. Public awareness: negligible. Started action: Nil. Years behind. NIMBT..

  7. You may girlfriend MR Elon musk manager in TESLA Campany 😁😁🥺🥺🤣🤣👍👍🇵🇭🇵🇭👁️

  8. Elon stay away from ICE, they will sufficate themselves. The unions are a headache, factories difficult to convert. Do your own thing and stay the course….

  9. If you put that many EV on the road how will the people charge them and will it cause grid problems to an already burdened power problem where solar and wind can't keep up

  10. At this point, I hope he buys everything in America! THEN, I want him to be Trump's running mate in 2024! YES!!! Talk about disruption!

  11. GM is just a giant can of worms. Every aspect of the company is a contributing factor to it's continuous downward slide too corporate oblivion. It's a dog with too many fleas. Tesla would be foolish to get involved with dying behemoth. GM will fold like Sears and Kmart because it's too late for them too transition . The debts and company structure make it impossible for GM too survive in the new competitive market.

  12. Never cared for GM cars or trucks. I use to have to work on cars and trucks. one in three were GM products. And that's across the board of every brand.

  13. Hes going to buy out the Big Three and close down the plants = no more junk… next he'll buy Walmart = no more junk and shut it down and save our landfills

  14. i would just like to ride public transportation… a bus or train without having to deal with homeless, drunks, or crack addicts.