Scientists Make Unexpected Discovery On Mars | Real Images

It is no news that one million people will be establishing a new civilization of
mankind on Mars in a couple of years, decades to be precise. Even though
we are still a long way from making sure, with Elon Musk and NASA at the
forefront, slowly but surely, we are getting there.
Although things appear to be going smoothly, a recent discovery on Mars by
Elon Musk and NASA is set to change everything!
Did they discover the existence of Alien life on Mars? Does this discovery
affect our habitation of Mars?

Compared to other planets, Mars is the better option. Our nearest neighbors,
Mercury and Venus, are like microwaves which, as you might have guessed,
aren’t fit for habitation. Such is the sheer amount of temperature waiting to
crush the lungs and dry out the skin of any man or spacecraft that even
attempts to approach those planets.
The two planetary bodies are almost unapproachable, and we try to keep our
dreams of becoming extraterrestrial beings in check when considering those
hot zones.
Other planets would have been better options if only they didn’t exhibit cold
temperatures far below what the human body could acclimate to.
Let’s not even talk about the long-forgotten dwarf planet of Pluto…
Agencies like NASA and SpaceX have set up a renewed push to discover how
convenient it would be to live on any of these planets

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  1. Imagine if they stepped out on mars and found a 15 week human fetus would they say it’s life?

  2. We are going back to the place we destroyed and had to evacuate some thousand years ago. Like 2022 years ago. Just a thought

  3. Within just 200 or 300 years, we will have..beyond the technology to reposition Mars' moons . Quite enough time before it ever collides with Mars .

  4. cosidering that the air on mount everest is to thin to breath for most people and considering that the mars atmosphere is way thinner, is their ANY air on Olympus Mons or is it simply peaking out into space? (and therefore making it the perfect landing and starting point? :-))

  5. This project is a waste of money. We can't live there naturally. Maintainence will be too High.
    A power outage on Earth is miserable, but in Mars a power outage would wipe almost everyone out out immediately. While waiting for help, the rear would start if they didn't suffocate, freeze or commit suicide. Forget this bad idea. It would be significantly cheaper,, more practic and have highervreturns to invest that money in protecting EARTH'S environment.

  6. I’m glad they did this discovery. And I am also glad it is real pictures. Proof that the earth is flat for real!

  7. We can easily put an artificial sun or two into orbit around Mars, to heat up it's atmosphere, much more quickly . We can easily spray a magnetic field around Mars, using one of it's own moons, to recapture it's atmosphere. Instead of attemting to magnetize Mars' North and South poles artificially .
    Within 200 years, Instead of terraforming Mars in 1000 years, we will have the technology to terraform Mars, in just 100 years ! Just realize that !

  8. if we ever get to go back to the moon, then maybe start thinking about other planets like one of the moons of Jupiter 👽👾🤖🐒🪐☢

  9. you will pay for what you did by the reality of a destruction of civilization i mean on your planet of war not on earth

  10. What ?? Great fantasy, for spaced out travelers. I don't suppose that there will be a shortage of willing "Astronauts" to go on Elon's Mars trip.

  11. I'm wondering if someone good enough at using the Mars helicopter could use it to clear the dust off the early rovers' sunlight battery charger!??

  12. How about we just go ahead and finish our planet off and leave all other's alone. Not like it would be the first time. FOOLS ARE HUMANS.

  13. Imagine approaching mars in a rocket, landing it, stepping out of it, feeling and hearing the Martian wind on your body, looking around and see nothing but desert.. This is so frightening

  14. And if humans had any sense, they'd realize that physical aliens are a nonsensical concept and interdimensional ones living on a bridged middle center universe of what is the immovable fixed nature of our physical realm, the earth.. also if humans realize there's a big firmament dome above earth and space is physically inaccessible, maybe we won't waste any more billions of hard earned funds than we already have on massive weapons large false satellites and etc..

  15. If a planet has weather it has a magnetic field. In the case of Mars it is a weak field, but it's there.

  16. Thank you for including the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures for the plebian knuckle draggers out there using Celsius

  17. Hopefully humans never leave Earth to destroy other planets and their life like we are doing here on Earth. I believe this is our last stop

  18. it is little strange that all russian ships to mars failed..?? Plus one ship that was near a moon phobos and got a photo of a very big cigar chaped ufo. just a second after that the russian mars ship failed…So..Is this just unluck for the russians? or is USA already there. Or big corp with high tech and just doesnt wanted sovjets there. That big cigar shaped ufo was not secret in russia. it was on news. USAs military complex maybe have tech that explored much of the solarsystem..Wy they have this shitty expensive space stations and wy they never came back to the moon later and build bases..It is very near our moon. just think about those people who sailed across the sea and some on foot took all the way to the south pole…That was hard things to do. But now after so many years and we are so much more advanced, we should have moonbases. Its a good ark to save our species and some others to if we have a moonbase. It is not a long trip. I belive the spacestation is there to cost money so the moon is untouched..But now china is there usa is very upset..Isnt that little strange? Maybe there are moonbases there who knows..?? military origin or black covert op by companys…? just thinking. i dont mean that it is so. But something is little weird about our own moon in our backyard we can easy go to. we had it for half a century..a couple of times too..then stopped..Maybe some other is there and dont want us there? I cant grasp that our moon dont have a bunch of people who live there and make their own food and have a closed system to live in…So we have to go and build things on the moon first. if there isnt something there already…


  20. Why we want to live another planet,humans are very ungratefull wasnot earth enough for us dont break earths heart