SpaceX Starship will take you to this station before 2030 for $500k

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Thank you for the enormous support this effort has received over the last few months. VERA Station and Sargon Systems are very exciting projects that will deliver an astounding level of human infrastructure in the next few years.

    Our intent after the first VERA Station video was to create a VERA Station System's video showing you how various station systems would protect the station from debris and keep it functioning. But after getting a high level of responses requesting information about how it would be economically feasible, we decided to jump ahead to the Business Case for VERA Station instead.

    This video was not easy to produce. Many weeks of research were required to get real-world numbers of how much it would cost for millions of metric tons of 2219-T8 Aluminum alloy. Most of the aerospace mills were not giving anyone a quote until 2023 due to supply chain issues. We wanted to get 3 quotes but had to go with only one and they were very apologetic that their quote was so much higher than in pre-COVID days.

    Engineering cost estimates were based on the only other large-scale space project in the private sector: Starship. Lucky for us, building a space station is actually easier than building a giant rocket that must be reusable within hours after landing. Sargon systems make everything easier, exterior construction and interior construction using the same principle methods. But what is going to help us the most is the smaller steps we will take before building VERA Station: Test Module, Virgo Module, and Valhalla Station Module. A logical progression of ever bigger projects that will quickly culminate in the building of VERA Stations Inner Torus.

    Expect our next video in two months: VERA Station Systems architecture and Systems Integration. Ad Astra!

  2. Joe should be capable of subsidizing you guys, kind of like how Trump gave Elon almost everything he is. Elon was also given 5 billion to build/research a hyperloop, before they unveiled dragon. Not sure how far they are on the hyperloop.

  3. I love his videos.
    He sure sells the Starship well. I really hope that pans out.
    IIRC, the only reason Spacex was able to succeed was a rather large infusion of US government money, and that's what this project needs.
    Private investors were insufficient to keep Spacex solvent in the first few years…I cant see them being enough here either.
    But you gotta admire his dream!

  4. Having rotating space stations around Earth will be the gateway to become a space-faring civilisation. But the possibilities are then opened up once the process is fully understood to start to establish RSSs around all the other satellites: the Moon, Mars and in fact any planet or moon in the solar system, as well as heliocentric orbits between Earth and Venus and Earth and Mars. I do believe the RSS is the key platform to colonising the solar system.

  5. Why not build the modules on earth & launch to orbit where these modules are assembly together…the payload is the same anyway…

  6. Wonder if the government would pay to cure my ptsd… now that would be a life changing moment

  7. So after watching the apple+ show For All Mankind, I’m just curious what if any sort of defense you may have thought of against space debris?

  8. Selling tickets before the first segment is on orbit… could be like the Mars one project that failed after 1yr of its announcement.
    Hope this "gateway" becomes a success but advertising tickets already would be like selling tickets to an unfinished, incompleted starship and the project stops.
    Ambitions are way far too ahead of your time line of production.

  9. My problem is that with the pricing of 2M, 1M and .5 M is it really going to be able to see the hundreds of people at a time that he mentions? Obviously you have to be fairly well off to afford those prices. Are there enough people both willing to do that and able to afford it?

  10. This idea launched the cinema and home videos and then exploded over the internet…
    Just make Adult movies in space . Sold

  11. Inspiring. Crazy people like you are absolutely needed for the progression of humanity!

  12. Quick question…What will be the continuous source for all the oxygen needed for habitation?

  13. Love this channel I hope all of you can go beyond and reach the expectations of the world!

  14. mhheeeppphhh Space should be a human right. Not just something an elitiest can experience.


  16. Not going to happen and you know it. This is fraud and you are playing with prosecution.

  17. Sounds like a decent bed however I'd like to know what progress has been made since the last video I saw this I think it was about a year ago give or take and don't you think that we as a species should be more playing nice before we start major construction on outer space just a thought let me know what you think.

  18. When are you going to show something tangible? How can you expect people to believe you can construct anything by 2030 when you have made nothing but "Big Dreams" videos for years now. Have you even started work on this demonstrator?

  19. awaits the first reports that a station has been overtaken to be the first space pirate haven…or that we(that is to say, some space-missile/ship capable group or nation) have declared war on the colonies or vice versa

  20. how sure are we Starship will actually be able to lift off and reach space with a full load?

  21. I'd like to register my complaint about the name. why name it after anyone. go the equality route and name them after someTHING. perhaps some demonic on divine entity of history or fantasy.

  22. 1:38 I'm pretty sure I'd choose to never come down again… Having enough money and health to even get up there in the first place, however, might prove a lot more difficult… :/