Elon Musk's SpaceX FINALLY LIFTED 300 Tons Raptor Engines

Elon Musk’s SpaceX FINALLY LIFTED 300 Tons Raptor Engines

NASA has been very interested in planet Mars and has sent multiple rovers to explore the terrain! As somebody planning to set up a permanent outpost on the planet, Elon Musk has been paying to all the discoveries NASA’s rovers have made! The latest rover to land on Mars is the Perseverance, accompanied by a small helicopter named Ingenuity! What has NASA’s Perseverance discovered on Mars, and how can the discoveries affect you? Stay tuned as we bring you the shocking findings Elon Musk and Mars just made that shock the entire space industry!
While you watch this video, there is an autonomous vehicle trudging along millions of miles away on planet Mars. Its name is Perseverance, and it costs a cool 2.7 billion dollars, much more than any vehicle you might see on the road today! Why did NASA spend so much money on Perseverance? For years, NASA’s Mars
Exploration Program has been systematically trying to find out whether life ever existed on Mars!
That conclusion will require more rigorous tests. But we might move closer to the discovery when the samples arrive on Earth!
Let’s hear what you think of NASA’s discoveries on Mars in the comment section below!

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    Do I think my friend Elon's SpaceX engines will be successful, my answer is "Hell, Yes!"

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