SpaceX Starship CAN'T get to orbit in August cause of this silly reason

SpaceX Starship CAN’T get to orbit in August cause of this silly reason
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Finally, we once again admit that the much-awaited first orbital test flight of SpaceX’s Starship vehicle will never happen this month.
This time, why?
Well, the first flight of the Space Launch System will not liftoff after Aug. 29. And sure, if SLS hasn’t flown, Starship can’t fly.
This seems so ridiculous, but let me explain:

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Now, let’s take a seat and we will expose all about “Starship can’t get to orbit in August cause of this silly reason”.

As the media officially reported, SpaceX’s Starship vehicle can’t lift off this month as it has not yet received the necessary launch clearance.

Earlier, the launch was scheduled for July, later it was shifted to August. On August 2, CEO Elon Musk in a tweet said: “A successful orbital flight is probably between 1 and 12 months from now.”

According to a radio-spectrum license application that the company filed with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), SpaceX is targeting a six-month window that opens on September 1 for the highly anticipated mission.
But remember this approval is not the final regulatory hurdle that Starship must clear on the way to the launch pad.

SpaceX apparently still hasn’t received a launch license for the Starship orbital test flight, which aims to lift off from the company’s Starbase facility in South Texas.

So, well, a lack of environmental approval has been still the single most important bottleneck of orbital Starbase launch operations at the present and possibly forever.

Even when FAA has determined that SpaceX’s plans for the company’s massive Starbase launch site in South Texas will not be enough to require a full environmental impact statement, SpaceX will now need to make more than 75 changes to its proposal for the Starbase facility if the company wants to avoid additional review and eventually receive a license from the FAA to launch its new Starship rocket to orbit from the site.

If SpaceX makes those changes, it should help pave the way for the company to receive a launch license for Starship, though that still isn’t guaranteed.
SpaceX Starship CAN’T get to orbit in August cause of this silly reason


  1. Government bullshit! They want N a s a to screw the Americans a little more with no advancements in space. Rich deep state assholes.

  2. Typical government BS: “We want you to do A B C and D”. You do that. Then the government says “Now we want E F G and H”. You do that. The government says “Now we want…”. Wash, rinse, repeat…

  3. Sounds to me like Brandon found another way to slight Elon. Another bad result of the stolen election ! LET'S GO BRANDON !

  4. If SpaceX would get 3rd party ISO14001 certification it should meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. Ultimately it would help in reducing environmental impact and overall costs. That and establish a Good Neighbor system thus reducing future headaches.

  5. One thing is a big mystery? Why doesn't Elon Musk buy an island in the middle of the ocean and far away from the USA? Done with political bullying right away

  6. What the heck is going on here??? As always the government is stalling out our means of evolving with nonsense restrictions on upcoming companies to help us evolve. We must take the government out of private companies business!

  7. I will bet anyone that behind the scenes Elon is negotiating with another country to move SpaceX there so he can just get on with rocketry and NOT have to deal with liberals and other degenerates.

  8. Had those who are petty, pathetic, jealous, liberal and brain damaged NOT interfered. Elon would be doing his 2nd or 3rd successful re-entry by now. Just like he did with the "flip" of starship when they left him alone. They really hate him at NASA and this proves it even to those with brain damage finally.

  9. How humiliating is that going to be to NASA's SLS if SpaceX gets their rocket to space days or weeks after the SLS's 20-year production time of the rocket. Why doesn't the SLS just blow up on the rocket stand and save the taxpayers billions of dollars?

  10. I don't think it matters, what counts is that they both launch. All this "getting there first" is just press nonsense to create a story out of nothing

  11. Why the hell is NASA building Iphone 4s plus when others are already using Galaxy S22 Ultra? NASA is wasting my tax dollars.

  12. Nasa is over as manufacturer so take the hit Let starship do it's job their doing for Nasa and American honor. I agree with previous comment . Petty child like US politics.

  13. You got that right!
    The old boy’s club has been milking taxpayers billions for so many decades already and they don’t want to loose their cash cow!

  14. Sounds like spacex really needs the sea launching converted ex oil drilling rigs to get around government stonewalling.

  15. This is the kind of political B.S. I expect from the CCP or North Korea, not the USA. Let's go Brandon.

  16. The "president" actually wants to prevent Starship from ever launching. He hates Elon Musk and this is totally personal. In fact Biden even recently said, good luck with ever making it to the Moon. And he didn't say it like he is actually wishing him luck, the way he said it was more like, this is a nice place you got here it'd be a shame if something happened to it. The ironic part is Elon Musk actually voted for him and endorsed him. And this is all in addition to the fact that they also don't want Starship to beat SLS like you said.

  17. Starship can't go because the US Government's failure of a rocket (SLS)would loose the lime light. Yet another reason why all warm bodies in DC need to be replaced.

  18. This video is so full of BS even SpaceX Starship, WHEN IT PROVES IT CAN MAKE IT TO ORBIT, simply wouldn’t have the power needed to lift it off the launchpad much less to LowEarth Orbit! Even if there were no government regulations at all & SpaceX could do anything they chose when they chose THE STARSHIP SYSTEM IS NOT READY!! Booster 7 had a serious malfunction not long ago that set the first attempt at reaching orbit back EVEN FURTHER THAN IT WAS AT THE TIME OF THE EXPLOSION. And they’ve had other issues as well since then dealing with the tower, the chopsticks & various other new tech that has to be corrected.
    …I’m a huge SpaceX fan but I’m also not one who makes unfounded excuses for delays…Delays that are perfectly normal in development of new tech & should not be seen as a bad mark on SpaceX or be blamed on other people, groups or causes that have nothing to do with said problems as this video claims!
    …Even Elon Musk himself has said on more than one occasion the government regulations are not the reason for the delays of the first attempt at an orbital launch! The SLS & Starship should not be viewed as competitors & those who choose to manufacture such ideas obviously have alternative motives. Which is sad. Both programs have & will benefit from each being successful & to argue otherwise is incorrect at best.

  19. It's no secret that this administration is not fond of SpaceX.
    I think any excuse to delay SpaceX is a good one with this administration.
    Make no mistake, nothing flies without the big guy's approval.

  20. politics, and trust issues. they don't trust Elon bec he likes to test the prototypes when they are not fully matured. that is actually the reason for tests but that is not how NASA works. plus, Elon is an American citizen, but he is an immigrant and he is doing much better than NASA and other 100% American engineers, I believe there is an emotional pressure here too. however, that is okay, sooner or later, they will realize that SLS and alike is just eating our taxes, and not contributing science much at all. no matter how hard they try, I don't thilnk they'll be able to stop Elon. it's fine that SLS flies first, but I doubt it will fly ever again, it should not.

  21. I hope the SLS fails miserably like its has from its inception then it can be scrapped and the money used to develop more innovative re-usable options like Starship. This 1960's mentality has to stop we have better and faster manufacturing now look how long it took to develop and build starship as oposed to the 2 decades to build SLS

  22. "Government" would include my local fire department. We don't imagine that they are standing in SpaceX way, more likely, it's politicians/lobbyists blocking the launch.

  23. Elon it won't take long for your launch once our real President, Trump is back at the Helm. Your company single handedly saved NASA's shit. After WWII my dad went to work at NASA, he was one of a handful of staff members Von Braun personally selected to accompany him to testify before Congress on sending a man to the moon. The Woke desk jockeys in charge of NASA leadership today do not measure up. When Political lackeys are in charge, lives other than their own, are at risk.🙏🇺🇸😎

  24. Hey, war criminals who run/build SLS is NOT $4,100,000 program. It is $32,000,000 as of today. Have to include all that surrounds the single $5,000,000 rocket in the stand now.

    This is a plot by FJB/Bill Nelson/FAA/FCC/NASA/ULA criminals to stop SpaceX Starship at any cost. You heard the announcement here in video. These criminals laid out their plan myself and few others have been warning would happen since Jan 2021.

    E.M. Moving Starship to NASA/Cape/Pad 39 will Fail!!! Because the enemies above who are DOX’d above planned to have Musk spend more cash, slide into the Cape, then claim SS is a danger to ISS launch systems if it explodes (Falcon 9 is critical for ISS). Also they will further claim that the entire Cape is at risk. All launch pads and infrastructure. Therefore they will angle to keep a permanent ban on Starship launches at the Cape.

    They have Boca Chica in affect shut down from launches with a permafrost of added regulations SpaceX will never complete and meet.

    This is a actual war against Elon Musk and all of us. He knew in his gut he needed to buy offshore oil rigs, past the USA maritime border, and do this himself. Yet, he got sucked in when DJT team with Brinstone and others were supporting him. Once Jan 6th, FJB crew started their plotting. Look where we are now. Face the facts folks! Get the message to Musk to wake up. He is in serious trouble. Ask us many millions to jump in help him. Combined to do what it takes. Thousands or law suite, burning objects in effigy, whatever. You all going to let the chess game of enemies play him into checkmate?

  25. "A slap in the face to NASA" lol good, the Gov slowing shit down for their own puppet show reasons is exactly why they need to go. "Elon Musks private company SpaceX" like that sentence just sounds wild, and is what we need more of.