SLS is Ahead of Schedule !! + Europa Clipper Update | Starbase Pink

NASA plan was to rollout SlS and orion on august 18, but they changed it, and now they’re targeting tomorrow tuesday august 16 …


  1. I love your channel and watch every report. I also appreciate your ethnicity and that English is probably your 2nd language. So, some advice and a plea. Please do not fall into the trap of learning your English from American sources. case in point: one does not "arrive to" a destination, they "arrive AT" the destination. The same applies to… "bring to that location". Proper English is Take to". "Bring to" is used when something is "coming to you". When it is Going To somewhere else it is "Take to". Keep up the good work and I no longer miss the female voice.

  2. SLS costs 25 billion, has 38% less tonnage to the moon, can't land orion on the moon. They should have just built another saturn 5…..

  3. It's too bad those RS-25s are being tossed in the ocean after use. They're amazing engines and should be on something reusable.

  4. SpaceX: "Don't have the skills? Are you tenacious? We'll train you"

    Now THAT's the America I used to know. For just once, I actually sort of wish I was out there on the West Coast. I'd bite that in a heartbeat, boot camp and all.

  5. As reported in the Sandusky Register; Blue Origin has road closures scheduled for today and tomorrow in Milan TWP Ohio. Don't get excited, they are not even complete rocket stages. This shows that Blue Origin is still doing something, just not very quickly. The rocket parts are on their way to get on a barge.

    MILAN TWP. — Space rockets are normally seen blasting into the heavens from launch pads.

    But on Tuesday and Wednesday, rocket components will travel local roads on flatbed trailers.

    Components of a Blue Origin space vehicle will depart the NASA Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility these two mornings.

  6. Starbase Pink saves me 80% data and loads of time listening to channels that tell us the history of the universe before finally getting to the point that we already heard on Starbase Pink !

  7. I think SLS is behind schedule ! Its only ahead of schedule because nasa bumped up the launch date again ! If that makes sense .

  8. 1:53 😆 more like he wishes they deployed supplies of life sustainng resource of his MPSL "Multi Planetary Species legacy." FAR before he said that! No infastructer, bio dome or landing bay is on the SURFACE of Mars! Because ( of Ufology community-only brave to claim) there is secret (under-) ground foundations of a secret military elite MPSL already initiated at everyone's expense. Ah so that adds up to those fed regulation so harsh on SpaceX flights? 🎶"Things that make go hmm"🤔🎶

  9. Starbase Pink does great work! Right to the point, no time wasted, not even to tell us his name!

  10. Nasa is throwing its soul away with those engines. Wtf why not just use new ones if discarding, im mad at lame nasa that failed to give me 7 promised shuttles in the 70s when i was a little kid. Barely 1 that decade. Drop nasa in the ocean with my rs-25s. Love you Pink keep up the great work!


  12. 2 days ahead of schedule does not make up for being 6 years past it's original launch date🤣

  13. Didn’t the release of these videos use to come out earlier in the day? I use to feel like it was a daily news update but I kind of feel like I’ve already seen all of this.

  14. I simply wonder at things. Probes headed to Mars. Get there in 8 years from now. But other ships planning on trying to get there in 3 years, Hmm….. This is going to be an interesting Race to Mars. Old tech will be landing years after new tech. They are on a fast build for more Helicopters for Mars also. I think the Europa Mission started back in 2012ish…
    Crazy times. Thanks Pink…..