Forget Starliner! Canada's NEW orbital spaceplane and much more at SpaceComm 2022!!

During my visit to SpaceComm 2022, I saw robots like the Boston Dynamics Zeus, spacecraft dedicated to LEO cleanup, and a new orbital spaceplane capable of human transport and even cargo delivery to the Moon!! And that was just for starters…
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  1. “ I'd go to the moon in a nanosecond. The problem is, we don't have the technology to do that anymore. We used to, but we destroyed that technology and it is a painful process to build it back again."

    Astronaut Don Pettit.


  2. That little robot at 7:00 couldn't handle 100kg on its back! That's like me sitting on it, it'll be flattened! The man must have meant a larger unit, like the Boston Dynamic Mule.

  3. Hello 1 and 2 looks exciting. // Unrelated, we must move to rotational flow of jet exhaust gases. Rocket exhaust too. Linear, straight out the bottom is less efficient, lower thrust per fuel. Letting the exhaust curve, rotate around inside the combustion area, then exhaust, that gets much more bang for the buck. We're still repeating the 1950s. Jets are making this leap soon. Rockets should as well, but it's still far off in the distance even to be considered.

  4. Those control surfaces on Sex Bomb were moving very slowly. I wonder if that's a flying model or just a mock-up. It's certainly within reach of current commercial radio control technology.

  5. This is a very professional job, at the level of a news crew, but with the talking head actually knowing what he is talking about. These videos may receive less views than your other content, but they are Jordan at your finest. Thank you for educating us Yanks. Without you we wouldn't know any of this.

  6. You were asking, angry, whether robots like little zeus would be turned to military application. Here's a headline I saw on my phone this Monday morning 'Britain tested the Ghost V60 Quadruped combat robot'.

  7. Great that these smaller companies took time to speak to you!! They can see the value of any publicity, from the small to the large companies that may find their solutions with them. The Canadian Sexbomb prototype looks awesome!! They should rename Hello-1 to Austen Powers 🤣

  8. Well, good luck to Space Engine Systems, given that Reaction Engines Limited spent thirty years trying to develop the same thing and finally dropped the whole idea. I hope they succeed, I love the idea.

  9. If this gentleman is showing a working surveillance type Robot that also could be armed , then I m positive that his govt agencies ,military and secret service govt department s are or have the lethal robots in play , and future ongoing designs but I’m just an ignorant kiwi fan

  10. Forget Starliner!? Well move to Canada! its an IDEA Sounds good but ,it wont happen! Not practical! When I see it go to space, return AND go back is the day i will believe it!! SO keep dreaming AA!

  11. Now THAT'S some impressive reporting!!! I'm thinking about investing in some of these companies! It seems like they've got some really innovative ideas! Thank you for this….can't wait to see MORE like it!!

  12. Would like to see the SpaceX Moon Lander carry a variety of prototype robots to the moon to test what technologies work best. Make it a “Ride Share” program to get small as well as large companies to participate.

  13. when they build it and launch it call me, I've seen BS like this for decades anyone can design a "space plane" building it is a totally different issue

  14. Those people across the pond are oppressed to shite by the governments. Couldn't pay me to go back to UK 🇬🇧. It only took once, not a very good place anymore.

  15. Look forward to hearing more about the Hello series of spacplanes. 700Kg of payload to a lunar landing might not seem much, but that's a lot of food it could carry as a regular shuttle run, returning with data / samples from a moon base.

  16. The UK and Canada are the Land that Time Forgot. Bit players. Though I don't blame you for wanting to leave the mess that the USA has become.

  17. WoW you do know how to ask the right questions, thank you for teaching us how the complex space travel and space deliveries work

    Keep these videos coming 🇨🇦

  18. Check out The Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 5 Metalhead if you’ve yet to see it. Pretty scary to think that we’re basically at that point with Robotics. Your statement about it being used for military purposes was spot on. You can blow shit up someone’s ass all day long about how they’re regulated, but in the end bad actors such as North Korea or even here in the US will use it for nefarious reasons. I don’t trust our government anymore.

  19. u get so silly sometimes ; that plane looks like it was made in my garage, and I keep my car under a tree, so silly

  20. Hey Jordan, I would recommend you introducing yourself as a “Science Communicator or a YouTube Aerospace commentator” Sadly, being an Influencer is such a cringey term these days unless you’re a bikini model on instagram.

  21. I'm in Canada and I never heard of the Hello 1 and 2. It's no wonder the company is upping stumps and moving most of its operations to Cornwall… all we seem to talk about these days is as far removed from aerospace as could be imagined (which is a pity, given the past aerospace achievements of Canadian engineers and companies).

  22. Thank you for producing this and giving me an insight to this fantastic convention. I was intrigued but not surprised that the Canadian company are heading to Cornwall. There is no sign of the Nova Scotia spaceport yet, thanks Ottawa. But to any Naysayers; two words Avro Arrow………….watch this space!

  23. If I'd turned up to Space Com I might have bumped into you.

    That space plane looks awfully flimsy for the high Mach numbers.