Starship 24 Fires All Raptor Engines – Weekly Update #27

In this week’s update Ship 24 has a 6-engine static fire, Booster 7 undergoes spin prime testing, work continues on the Orbital Launch Mount, and over at Cape Canaveral Falcon 9s continue coming and going, while crews are seen performing capsule recovery training on Gator Cam and thank to Greg Scott, who also brings us another great batch of flyover photos.
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  1. It boggles the mind to see so much investment in infrastructure. I know it is all needed but consider the costs involved

  2. Hey hey hey, it's Marcus House here. Trying out a new catch phrase ? This one is taken by by a another YouTube member

  3. It is seriously mindboggling the amount of activity that happen at Elon Musk's rocket sites.! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Wow, Starliner is designed to 'touch down' eh? I thought it was designed to drain taxpayers of their money.

  5. Why does Starship have such primitive launch platforms, with no real water based sound suppression system, and fire control? A rocket that size should have a flame trenchโ€ฆ.

  6. After a couple of years of watching the wonderful WAI use your footage and speak glowingly of your site, I finally visited it and watched this, my first LabPadre video. And what a revelation! For some reason, I thought you just provided silent, on-site video clips for other YouTubers to use, but now I've discovered that you provide the whole shebang, video, still shots, and detailed narration of what you're shooting, and in many way it's better and more comprehensive than the other sites that use your footage. Subscribing now…

  7. Great to meet you at starbase the other night. We were to two Ozzies chatting about your 5ghz links back to sth padre island. That place really is amazing.

  8. Thanks again. Your weekly updates are invaluable in sorting through the torrent of information on the web.