Why Elon Musk is Taking The Risk of Launch Tower in The First Starship Launch?

Why Elon Musk is taking the risk of the launch tower in the first Starship launch? Elon Musk is facing the hardest part ever with the …


  1. horrible audio! Use a real person speaking proper english not a rendered voice with grammer that sounds like it was written by a person with ESL.

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  3. Ship 24 did a 6 engine static fire last week and 1damaged raptor vacuum was removed the other day !

  4. With all those 30+ raptor2 engines firing at full blast on take-off, Star Ship will destroy its launch platform before it has time to clear the platform, there is no deflection chamber and it may melt and blow the platform bits.

  5. So we know that NASA made a deal with Elon to wait until after Artemis files to launch Starship to orbit. But that just made for more time to make these improvements.

  6. It's not "why Elon Musk", but "why SpaceX". Elon spends too much time on Twitter to be Engineering anything, while taking the credit for the Engineering Team work.