SpaceX Tests Super Heavy Booster 7

SpaceX is testing Super Heavy Booster 7 on the orbital launch mount. The exact nature and objectives of the testing have not been confirmed. Booster 7 currently has all 33 Raptor engines installed and is working towards a static fire test campaign.

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  1. I am amazed with all the spin-prime test. Wy not go for a static fire. They should get more information out of a static fire then a spinprima. Or i am wrong ?

  2. So I got a question did anybody else have a problem with the audio on this I did not watch it live so I don't know all I know is when I tried to watch it now some 13 hours after the fact and the whole video had no sound

  3. Why am I beginning to be nervous about the protection of the launching site when Starship blasts off…and the heat tiles surviving reentry?

  4. Folks you are first class presenters and a pleasure to listen to. Why? Simple…you take the time to provide clear, understandable, and useful information. You respect the publics questions and careful to value their support. You don’t politicize your information. Thank you, you have earned my trust in what you say and how you say it. Thank you…you serve the public well

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  6. Elon needs to develop a collection system for feedlots to collect methane be a win win for environmentalists and fuel supply for SpX and the feedlots

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  8. I’m impressed that that amount of LM can vaporize in an oxygen rich environment and diffuse over such a large area without finding an ignition source. I wouldn’t be shocked if the physics, or nature of it all, didn’t allow for a static charge to be generated.