How Long Until SpaceX Launches Starship from Florida?

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How long until we see a Starship launch from Florida? In this Cape Flyover we look at SpaceX’s rapid progress and try to extrapolate an answer. Plus, a look around the Space Coast including views of SLS on Pad 39B, Blue Origin’s SLC-36 and Exploration Park Facility.

Video and Pictures from Stephen (@spacecoast_stve), Julia (@julia_bergeron), and Thomas (@TGMetsFan98). Narrated and Edited by Jack (@theJackBeyer). Script by Adrian (@BCCarCounters) @Justin (@OGNovuh), and Jack.

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  1. So what does SLS use for electrical power? The same hydrogen fuel cells that the shuttle had? And how is Starship going to generate electrical power?

  2. Because the Florida Starbase will be a production style facility, I believe it will take longer to come online than the prototype style Boca Chica facility. I say Q1 2024.

  3. Sls, what a lemon. The only genius was strapping what was left of shuttle spare boosters and main tanks, and engines together, leaving all the previously fatal flaws in place, and then getting more money out of the government for the mess, than spacex got for its regular resupplying contract for the ISS.

  4. I'll be watching it from my doorstep like every SpaceX launch he's ever done from Florida… in North Carolina.

  5. The SLS is a jalopy. It is 80’s tech that is refurbished and upgraded. Even if they get it off the ground, how long can it last? NASA has lost its way. It has no capability to get to orbit, let alone the moon. Meanwhile, the ISS is winding down, leaving NASA grounded permanently. All the while, the Chinese have a new space station, landers on the moon and Mars, and a fleet of rockets. Just what is NASA trying to accomplish? They seem to be closing down space operations.

  6. We hear all this talk about LOX being at the various launch sites, but nobody ever brings-up the fact that who's going to supply the bagels?? 🤔

  7. In my honest opinion. SpaceX is currently testing tanking and detanking circles with both B7 and S24. The static fires are basically the final step of the lunch circle simulation. They are simulating the rapid launch circles to gather data for later. I don't think will see a launch this year. Probably Q1 2023 the earliest.

  8. Seeing how there hasn't been anything near a full 33 engine firing yet let alone a reliable one it's not hard to imagine it being well into next year before a launch attempt is made.

    Even during the Starship hops there wasn't a single flight where all the exhaust flames looked the correct color during flight, and that's with only 3 engines.

  9. Really good to have such a great chabell wich informs one in detail and wich prezice information go so on

  10. Either the playback speed is stuck on double speed or this guy has been drinking way too much coffee!
    Slow down, you're going too fast now. Got to watch the flowers growing

  11. They haven’t even got a booster fully static fired and you are talking Florida already? I don’t think a launch will happen for a while…they seem to have hit a production wall with booster 7 and ship 24

  12. thanks NSF fo rthe videos, this is fantastic. I think they will bring the ship and boosters via the barge from Bocachica.

  13. Leaky seals in 2022?? How the hell did they manage to get to the moon and back 50 years ago?……..4 times!!

  14. Blue Origin looking over at Space X must be like driving with deflated tires. Yeah, you are moving but the wheels are about to fall off and you are on the rims going up hill.