Elon Musk Launching SpaceX Starship To Orbit!

Elon Musk Launching SpaceX Starship To Orbit!

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  1. leaving the earth will mean changing morphology in 200 years… therefore, another race and therefore, terrestrial extrats!!!!!

    quitter la terre voudra dire changer de morphologie en 200 ans… donc, une autre race et donc, des extra-terrestres !!!!! et des guerres

  2. …Mr Elon
    how much longer for you to go, that when it finally happens please don't take our Water left
    We, staying back here NEED the little water you seem to take with you, so
    Please don't take our Water to space, make some

  3. I love at 3:52 it shows somebody counting all their cash from a profitable aerospace business but all the bills are $1. I'm guessing that all these $1's were a customer's payment for overweight baggage. I can't stand flying anymore because of all the people lugging around so much shit. And creating long needless lines to find a place to put their shit. Cmon man. don't pack so much shit.

  4. Vi un reflector con las figuras del universo para ponerlo en los cuartos, vienen varios discos, me gustan, pero no sΓ© dΓ³nde los venden !

  5. "The upcoming Hubble successor". Um sir JWST launched, arrived, and sent its first pic already. You are a year behind.

  6. What I love about Elon Musk’s – SpaceX endeavor is that it is always put in terms to which enthusiasts like myself can learn and understand. While I am wildly excited about the possibilities but I am also realistic in that colonization of MARS will most likely happen like 50-100 years from now. Yet if all this means is that we will have more advance earth and low orbital travel, it would be worth the while of this life time.

  7. You know what would be absolutely hilarious yet absolutely tragical at the same time?
    If in 20 years an asteroid wiped out all life… On Mars.

  8. I have come to the conclusion that we might globally change the atmosphere of Mars maybe in 2000 years from now. So colonization will have to rely on habitats and underground construction.

  9. My greatest happiness is the $64,000 bi-weekly profit I get consistently from my $15,000 investment despite the economic fluctuation 😊