Announcer speechless for 60 seconds after another Blue Origin rocket launch fail…

Blue origin rocket launch LIVE fail today September 12, 2022. Jeff bezos rocket company blue origin had a rocket launch today. the main booster failed and started to self destruct then the crew capsule launched away to safety. This was at the blue origin amazon Texas launch facility. not to be confused with the actual rocket company SpaceX run by elon musk.


  1. These launch reps need to be trained for anomalies. There is no excuse for dead air when obviously something went wrong. And where's the Booster descent, splat, kaboom video? We need to see that for reentry footprint analysis.

  2. So are these launches designed so that when an anomaly occurs the boosters will crash to the ground in unpopulated areas?

  3. To have so many fuckups (or malfunctions for those who want softer versions of reality) in one flight is laughable. It's like the civilian world wants to ignore past lessons learned in thier desire to have vehicles uniquely thier own.

  4. I wish every space exploration project success – but it looks like Bezos’ Blue Organ had a glan malfunction.

  5. Check out the angle of the rocket at launch. that thing is supposed to be a pleasure cruise for the uber rich. After this, they are all booking space X

  6. Finally somebody notices the obvious, the landing thrusters didn't work and it might have been deadly had there been humans on board. Shatner was very lucky.

  7. Can we just admit that SpaceX images, videos are a lot more clear and show a lot more details than the Amazon Rocket does ? Why Besos make us feel he wants to hide something ?

  8. Next time check the O_Pre- Middle Fuel Diod at the point of mechanical ventilation in Seporation.
    Faulty fuel ratio, Da
    Nice sulfer burn

  9. Too bad Bezos wasn't standing under it when it crashed. Would his hard-boiled egg-head have saved him if it did land on him?

  10. Carley, the company engineering head quarters is about 20 miles from here. The building where I SUSPECT the rocket is built least the parts are about 1/4 mile away. I installed bunch of computer hardware in one of BlueOrigin second engineering office. Both buildings are next to each other. I suspect a line may have burst or quick disconnect may have leaked fuel. Other option crack in Fuel tank.

  11. So I'm no fan of Blue Origin. But the way you clearly want to put them in a worse light than they are, is really embarrassing. She was not "speechless", but rather acted quite professional in my opinion. And the thrusters used for a soft landing did fire. If you knew anything about the New Shepherd you'd know that.

    Again, i am not a fan of Blue Origin, and i think a lot of what they do (or rather what they don't do, like get into orbit…) is pathetic. I think it's fucking hilarious how this NS failed. But this video is just childish.

  12. 2:26.
    Yes it does fire. Crew, if present, experiences 1-2GS on landing.
    The capsule was certified Safe in a similar (intentional) abort test a few years ago, and they intentionally deployed only one chute.

  13. No, Blue Origin does not go into space. I wish they were nor allowed to claim that. It is a slap in the face to all the men and women at NASA and SpaceX and all astronauts.

  14. "It seems we have experienced an anomaly?" Ya think…Blue Origin is a Joke. A Jeff Bezos tax shelter. In a given year, Bezos has paid nothing in federal income taxes. He is the owner of Amazon, which, in a given year, has also paid nothing in federal income taxes after making billions in profits.

  15. "Off nominal", yeah, I'd say it was. Thank goodness there's an abort system for the capsule or that would be the end of Blue Origin.

  16. To Space??? Blue Origin barely makes it to the starting point edge of space, even then it is on the bottom edge of where space begins for only a few seconds before falling back to earth. Not even close to making an orbit of the earth. The capsule safety system also partially failed, yes it flew free from the failed booster, and the parachutes deployed, but the capsule rockets that fire just before it touches down to greatly lessen the impact with earth did not fire. Big unplanned landing impact back on earth. It will be interesting to see how many G's the capsule took smashing into the ground like that, is that impact survivable and without injuries for astronauts? There is a ton of work to do before the next test flight or let alone allowing human passengers on top of it. To me, it looks like the rocket motor exploded, probably a pressure-related structural failure, not good.

  17. Ha good try…those boosters didn’t fire at the end that thing absolutely cranked the ground if that thing was crew they’d be dead or severely injured

  18. If anyone finds a rocket booster, Blue Origin has lost one. Might want to give them a call. Although phone lines might be busy due to cancelations.