Blue Origin suffers in-flight abort, capsule lands back in Texas

Jeff Bezos’ rocket company suffered its first launch failure Monday. No one was aboard, only science experiments.

The Blue Origin rocket veered off course over West Texas about a minute after liftoff. The capsule’s launch abort system immediately kicked in, lifting the craft off the top. Several minutes later, the capsule parachuted onto the remote desert floor.

Blue Origin’s launch commentary went silent when the capsule catapulted off the rocket, later announcing: “It appears we’ve experienced an anomaly with today’s flight. This wasn’t planned.”

The mishap occurred as the rocket was traveling nearly 700 mph at an altitude of about 28,000 feet (8,500 meters). There was no video shown of the rocket – only the capsule – after the failure occurred. The rocket usually lands upright on the desert floor and then is recycled for future flights; clearly, that did not happen this time.



  1. Alan Connelly. Right on! The mayor impact OF THE LANDING, made it obvious that ALSO THERE WAS A LANDING FAILURE.

    Just imagine if there were people INSIDE. LORD have mercy!!

  2. 👽 Humans, this is how you will risk sending (the beautiful girls of the earth) to our planet, the moon and Mars. Why don't you get out of your secret underground bunkers in Area 51 space technologies and technology created by our enemies (the grays with empty brains stuffed with cotton and bodies covered in jam).

  3. Too bad Bezos wasn't standing under it when it crashed. Would his hard-boiled egg-head have saved him if it did land on him?

  4. Including the 1 G of force from Earth pulling, the capsule averaged 1.3 G's between T+60 to T+63, then peaked to 3.9 G's at explosion and escape launch system ignitiom at T+65, and finally experienced its max negative force, due to air resistance, of -1.8 G's at T+70. The capsule briefly felt weightless with 0 G's at T+76. I got that data from video timestamps and rocket velocity. It will be interesting when more data is released.

  5. There went the 1950's design for 'spaceflight' ! The old 'pogo stick bit the dust.
    Can you imagine the complexity of 'New Glen (old Dimwit)' and the number of failures for them and the ULA Vulcan ?
    And Bozo Bezos continually mocks SpaceX !

  6. This is a perfect example of why the people of St. Mary’s, Camden County, Georgia don’t want the Spaceport built in their community.

  7. Every company flying rockets will eventually make a crater or splash. The escape system worked well though.

  8. To Space??? Blue Origin barely makes it to the starting point edge of space, even then it is on the bottom edge of where space begins for only a few seconds before falling back to earth. Not even close to making an orbit of the earth. The capsule safety system also partially failed, yes it flew free from the failed booster, and the parachutes deployed, but the capsule rockets that fire just before it touches down to greatly lessen the impact with earth did not fire. Big unplanned landing impact back on earth. It will be interesting to see how many G's the capsule took smashing into the ground like that, is that impact survivable and without injuries for astronauts? There is a ton of work to do before the next test flight or let alone allowing human passengers on top of it. To me, it looks like the rocket motor exploded, probably a pressure-related structural failure, not good.

  9. There goes the Retro thrust system,dont think so luv,it looked like the retro thrust system was active at 1.44 or before,no one would of survived that landing if they were on board.Jeff Bozo needs to work on the Retro thrust BS System before anyone climbs into that death trap.Ive seen a softer landing from a spent booster rocket.

  10. HEY JACKWAGON! That ain't no "anomaly" IT'S A "SCREW UP"! If you people were a bunch of plumbers I wouldn't let you touch a piece of pipe unless shit flowed thru it!

  11. my 'feeling' about this event is very counter intutive. Reason is, this the first real use of the abort system and that is impressive. Yes we have testing but this is 100% in real time need and it operated as it should have.

  12. You realize they called this an anomaly. Unlike NASA, Bezos is for profit and branding and reputation are more important than anything. When your narrator is giving specific “adjectives and nouns” to use, you become just a robot. If souls were onboard, would have it been said any differently??