MaxQ ABORT! – Blue Origin's New Shepard Has Fiery Engine Failure In Flight

A quick update on Blue Origin’s NS23 Failure this morning.

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  1. This is what I call a "successful failure". While the booster fail it was a real world test even if unplanned of the abort eject system and it worked perfectly.

  2. It seemed very slow to accelerate and the problems occurred in the 500 mph region which is well below speed of sound and therefore way before MaxQ. Excellent discussion otherwise.

  3. Looking at the telemetry (which appears to be a couple of seconds behind the video), the capsule at abort engine ignition almost immediately accelerates from about 590mph to about 704mph, but then begins to decelerate, even with the rocket still burning behind it, due to the increased aero drag in the trans-sonic range. That negative acceleration may be what's setting off the ZERO-G indicator, even while still in a very dynamic stage of flight.

  4. If I were in the ride queue, I would feel reassured by seeing the abort system work correctly. I think it may be quite a while before riding a bomb is as uneventful as most car rides. Until then, I don't think we can hope for more than a potentially bone snapping ride away from the bomb when needed.

  5. The emergency abort seems like a more exciting ride than the regular one. This may drive demand up rather than down.

  6. If that happened at 1000ft people would be dead. Even with the launch escape system the parachute would not have time to open properly .

  7. Talk about putting you back in your seat! That woulda been a helluva ride and I volunteer for an in flight abort lol.

  8. I WATCHED it live,and the capsule hit the ground very hard, it's landing thruster did not work! If peopke were in the capsule (lucky not this time) i'm sure they would have suffered injuries

  9. Why is there no coverage of the booster after separation? I can understand company video being withheld for inso, legal, etc. but did no one else video it?

  10. Where is the Climate Change cult when these rocket are putting all those green house gasses in the atmosphere? 🤔

  11. Looks like it accelerated from 590mph to about 700 in maybe 2.1 seconds, definitely a wild ride but i think it would have been fine. For reference, a Top Fuel Dragster, which is the FASTEST accelerating land based vehicle (from Zero mph) humans have ever created, does 0 – 100 in about .8 seconds, which is about 6Gs..

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  13. Highly flammable fossil fuels will do that.. hilarious. Can't wait to see if we can actually get out of earth's orbit .how amazing would it be to actually land on the moon..

  14. "Engine rich exhaust", a phrase that fits perfectly alongside "Rapid Unplanned Disassembly" and "Lithobraking". 😂
    Though in seriousness, I'm not sure I'd want to be William Shatner if that had happend during his ride on this rollercoaster.
    (EDIT: originally spelt lithobraking as lithobreaking)

  15. The emergency abort seems like a more exciting ride than the regular one. This may drive demand up rather than down.

  16. These quacks need to focus on helping the planet we are on, not trying to get to other ones.

  17. So, what you are trying to tell us Scott is:
    At the moment of most vigorous thrusting, the blue organ experienced a premature ejaculation and the operation was aborted?
    Got it.