Best spacex rocket launches & nasa rocket launches. Best spacex rocket launches of the year

This is all of the best rocket launches from spacex and from NASA from year to date. That’s all of the best launches of the year 2022 from NASA and SpaceX. This is a mind blowing collection of all of their best launches. You’re going to love this show.


  1. NASA finds it difficult, but spacex makes one launch a day, without problems and without impediments, even from enemy countries like China, Russia Iran, and if you go to the bottom of the service proposed by the starlink the question becomes even more bizarre, there is no it is personnel for the installation, authorized companies and the market does not respond to the offer that is not even sponsored so much.Instead, from a financial point of view, the revenues do not even fall within 1% of the expenses incurred, an expense that does not make sense from the moment that in order to have an alleged gain in speed you have to spend expenses (100 dollars a month) that are not attractive to the typical family. So what is the starlink?