NASA’s Discovery On Mars Will Change Everything Elon Musk's Plans!

NASA’s Discovery On Mars Will Change Everything Elon Musk’s Plans!

Recent discoveries made by NASA rovers tantalizingly resemble alien signatures, but Mars has tricked us before, and scientists still don’t fully understand how the planet functions as a whole. Has life ever existed on the red planet? From 250 million miles away, it’s challenging to provide an answer, but NASA’s Perseverance rover may have just made progress. And, this recent discovery might change Elon Musk’s plan of colonizing mars.

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The siren voice of Mars is growing louder and louder for those looking for extraterrestrial life. Recent discoveries by rovers on the red planet may contain microbial traces in a majority of their observations, suggesting that Earth is not the only place in the solar system where life might exist.

Earlier this month, one intriguing glint was revealed: NASA’s Curiosity rover discovered a mix of carbon isotopes in the rocks of Gale crater that, if discovered on Earth, would be an indication of life. The rover has also observed methane, a gas on Earth that is primarily created biologically, rise both randomly and seasonally.

The Perseverance rover of NASA has discovered odd purple coatings on the rocks of Jezero crater, which is located around 2,300 kilometers away. These ubiquitous coverings mimic the desert varnishes that develop on Earth when bacteria are present.

For yet, though, scientists aren’t ready to infer that our vermillion neighbor was formerly inhabited. There is so much we don’t know about Mars’s geology and chemistry that nearly every intriguing suggestion of biology may also be explained by some as-yet-unknown feature of the planet’s chemistry. There is also so much we don’t know about how nonliving events might be passing for signs of life.

Because we are investigating an alien planet, Curiosity deputy project scientist Abigail Fraeman of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said, “Who knows what we haven’t even thought of.”

The next step in the search for life on Mars, according to scientists, is to bring samples of the planet back to laboratories on Earth, where the best tools available can look for solutions to one of mankind’s oldest mysteries. The first set of samples, which could show that microorganisms existed in Jezero crater billions of years ago, are already being collected by the Perseverance rover.

Whatever the result, it will reveal a significant truth about the beginnings of life on Earth.

Only recently did curiosity make its strangest, most fascinating discovery. The rover discovered organic compounds with odd ratios of carbon isotopes, or atoms of the same element with differing numbers of neutrons in their nuclei, in a variety of rock samples from different areas in the crater.

On Earth, organisms prefer to utilize the lighter form of carbon in metabolic or photosynthetic activities, resulting in a skewed ratio in which the lighter form is far more prevalent than the heavier form.

According to what has been observed in meteorites and the Martian atmosphere, lesser carbon isotopes were far more prevalent than their heavier siblings in five different sites in Gale Crater. The findings reflect carbon ratios found in Australia’s Tumbiana formation, a rock formation that is 2.7 billion years old and preserves the carbon traces of extinct bacteria that metabolized methane.

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