SpaceX is paying attention to OLM after conducting 33 engine spin prime test ready for massive fire

SpaceX is paying attention to OLM after conducting 33 engine spin prime test ready for massive fire#STARSHIPFANS
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Launching his moon and Mars rocket to space for the first time has long been on Elon Musk’s to-do list, and now, the world’s richest man is readying his massive Starship for orbit!
The landmark Starship orbital flight will involve Starship 24 and a Super Heavy Booster 7. The company has been testing both vehicles at Starbase over the past month or so, performing static fires and other work.
Currently, SpaceX is focusing on Booster 7 testing.
On Sept. 12, the company just conducted a many-engines Spin Prime test, and a big depress vent on this Super Heavy!
This is one big step closer to the big Static Fire test with a record number of Raptor 2 engines.
SpaceX has 12-hour test windows tentatively scheduled on Sept. 14th and 15th, if Booster 7 and the positions of the stars happen to be in the right mood between 8 am and 8 pm CDT.
While SpaceX is focused on testing the B7, Ship 24 is equally busy!
The private space firm fired up the engines of Ship 24, as part of a static fire test that brings it closer to launching the fully reusable spacecraft to orbit for the first time last Thursday.
SpaceX lit all six Raptor engines on Ship 24 for a few brief moments starting on Thursday, September 8, at 5:30 p.m. EDT at its Starbase South Texas facility.
The engine test, which only lasted a few seconds, also set alight some of the surrounding grassland, causing the fire department to swoop down on the scene as a precautionary measure. The test itself and the fire were captured in a live stream video feed shared by LabPadre.
All thanks to LabPadre for capturing these moments!
Notably, SpaceX recently is upgrading its Mechazilla Chopsticks arms.
Typically, the ship lifting points on the chopsticks have been deployed as you can see here.
On the other hand, SpaceX’s LR 11000 is hooked up to Ship 24, lifting “squid” for the potential lift of Ship 24 off suborbital pad B.
SpaceX is paying attention to OLM after conducting 33 engine spin prime test ready for massive fire
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  1. The booster engines press against that base puck to effect the lifting and the landing. Since both booster and spaceship operate vertically when lifting or landing; would there be benefit of having some of the engines arrayed around the perimeter of the booster about two-thirds of the way up? This would render the stacking Mechazilla crane useless for landing; but, landing the craft on legs might be easier to accomplish using the upper engines as gravity will help guide the craft perpendicular As it will tend to pendulate by being held from above the midway point. Similarly space ship might use the Draco engine configuration of the Dragon to land.

  2. I don't believe SLS will launch this year (if it doesn't explode), therefore I think government agencies Will Not let Starship launch till after SLS launch's or explodes.

  3. We all know that the government has been slow rolling Space X and Elon Musk for the last year or so because it has shown how inefficient they are at doing things. And since NASA is part of the United states Airforce and has always been there is stuff they have on the moon that they have been keeping secret for decades. All of those military shuttle flights that were around 10/1 versus civilian flights is because of what they were building out in space and on the moon

  4. When do you think it'll launch?
    Mid next month
    What do you think will happen?
    Explode on pad at static fire, Explode on pad t-0 seconds on the launch window
    Explode on air away from land or in land
    Won't escape the karman line
    Anomaly during stage seperation
    Anomaly during orbit
    Anomaly during reentry
    Anomaly during landing on water
    Do you think it'll work?
    I'm not that sure. It's a Maybe question
    Do you think this kind of rocketry will work?
    Absolutely, yes