The SpaceX superfans uprooting their lives for Elon’s Starship

SpaceX’s Starbase project has inspired fans from around the country to move to a small town in Texas just to live close to the …


  1. The environmental protection is necessary; but the tree-huggers should expand their scope a little and see that the progress at the Starbase is for the good of life in general. Don't become the victim of your own morality.
    Great work by Verge.

  2. Really well produced documentary. I like this long-form video, I hope The Verge does more of this. If I had but one complaint it's that at least with Starbase things have changed and ramped up a lot since all that filming took place – tho it's so fast paced I totally understand that something like this is going to be at least somewhat dated by the time the editing, etc has been finished and that since this was filmed Loren has moved to Bloomberg. I just wish this had been posted in July or August is all.

  3. Impressive you already have the new font and style in the video too. Amazing relaunch of a brand Verge. Good job.

  4. Somehow saving a few birds and rodents has become more important than making humans multi-planetary. How did we get here?

  5. I'm actually in this. They did interview a few more people but I don't see those interviews. It was awesome to see Starbase up close and be able to get up close to some of the rockets

  6. The moment the bird lady said "I don't have anything against space travel, space exploration" You just knew what her next sentence was gonna be lol. NIMBYism alive and well in Boca Chica

  7. It seems strange to me that a LOT of people are still of the opinion that Elon Musk is just another greedy billionaire and that he is only interested in making more money. At the time SpaceX began it was probably the least attractive investment in the world, bordering on crazy.
    I can understand the superfans wanting to see even faster progress with Starship but unlike the relatively cheap testing and launch of the SN prototypes, the sucessful launch of a fulll stack booster + Starship, first attaining orbit AND recovery, is crucial for the project to continue. I expect that people would give a pass to 1 failed attempt if it wasn't majorly catstrophic, but SpaceX absolutely need to get some kind of win by the 3rd try or the whole project will be in danger. Fingers crossed that fortune really does favour the brave.

  8. Please please change the verge website back to the old, its really awful, like really bad. Its as if Mash potatoes + Tumblers + Twitter + really bad art attack mashed into one.

  9. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

  10. Don't trust a guy who's dad was a blood gem mine owner in apartheid South Africa. The same guy that publicly supported the US backed coup in Bolivia because of their lithium mine.

  11. The only negative thing about this video is including that weird egg lady instead of Mary (@BocaChicaGal), who has been there since the beginning giving us updates on a regular basis.

  12. Cape Canaveral is also surrounded by wildlife, and the launch facility has been there for 60 or more years. The relationship works.

  13. I totally get the excitement of going to the stars but let's be real. Mars will never be a back up planet for the human race.

  14. There’s a growing trend of lost people looking to call someone Jesus and sadly these people think it’s Elon Musk.
    They think it’s all about Mars, but what it’s all about is launching 2,000+ rockets into the stratosphere to complete Starlink, a communications provider.
    They may as well camp out at cable providers, that’s all it is.

  15. Elon Musk is a very powerful psychic that tries to control everything. He attacks me with telekinetic powers even.

  16. Labpadre is the Apex of SpaceX fans ….The Facilitator of Fascination! King Lab spoils his subjects. All Hail!🏁✨️🚀

  17. This is beautifully done. The storytelling, cinematography, all of it. Props to the Verge video team and I hope we see more of this longer-form video in the future.

  18. the environmental argument has no grounds here. we humans have destroyed a lot, for nothings good. SpaceX is trying to expand life to other planets, it's anything but destroying nature.

    And thanx God FAA saw it through.