FAILED! FAA Finally Caught Jeff Bezos BlueOrigin's For Booster Failure Which Ends In Investigation

An anomaly occurred during an uncrewed flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard launch system on Monday morning. As the mission carrying three dozen scientific payloads ascended to about 9,000 meters, the New Shepard capsule’s solid rocket motor-powered escape system suddenly fired, safely pulling the capsule away from the rocket. This happened 1 minute and 4 seconds after launch.

Blue Origin’s webcast did not explain the anomaly, but it appeared that the rocket’s flight termination system was activated. This happened after the rocket had passed through max Q, the point at which the vehicle faces maximum dynamic pressure during ascent, and its BE-3 rocket engine was throttling back up to continue climbing on its suborbital trajectory. Suddenly, there was a large, anomalous plume of fire from the rocket’s engine, and the escape motor on board the spacecraft fired.


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  1. Hey Elon Musks, while you are very popular with your investors, buy out Blue Origin asap while they cannot perform proper;ly

  2. At least the escape system worked. A bit like the nasa test back in the day when a rocket started spinning and before it auto-dismantled the capsule was ejected.

    That being said, the G forces caused at activation at the point of MaxQ would have been brutal if there had been a crew.

  3. Hopefully they were able to figure out what went wrong. Even though I'm a huge SpaceX fan, I STILL want to see New Shepard fly. That'll probably never happen in MY lifetime, but maybe someday our descendants on Mars will enjoy watching its first flight!

  4. Everybody is trying to beat SpaceX to orbit, seems they must do some more testing, like SpaceX. Hear that NASA, Blue Orgin, ect. They won't get there. SpaceX is working to fast and is so far ahead of everybody else it is no contest. Watch and see.

  5. They have accomplished ZERO space flights. ZERO! They have achieved high altitudes. They have not made it to a sustainable orbit.

  6. Does anyone else think the capsule abort system is a lil overkill ! all it really needs to do is separate from the booster !

  7. Liquid water "lakes" on Mars may just be frozen clay, say new studies

    By Michael Irving

    Of course, the studies can’t confirm that smectites are definitively the source of the strange signals. But they do pour cold water (pun intended) on the theory, offering a more plausible explanation than subsurface lakes – even if it isn’t as exciting.

    “In planetary science, we often are just inching our way closer to the truth,” says Jeffrey Plaut, co-principal investigator of one of the studies. “The original paper didn’t prove it was water, and these new papers don’t prove it isn’t. But we try to narrow down the possibilities as much as possible in order to reach consensus.”

    All three studies were published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters [1],[2],[3].

  8. The capsule went into the ground really hard. The slow down rockets appeared not to fire at all. Watch the capsule hit the ground hard and decide for yourself. Me, I think severe injury to the crew would have occurred.

  9. Latest news…
    They were just verifying that the emergency escape system was functioning as designed. 😄

  10. Update: NASA rescheduled tanking test and launch SLS. Tanking test set on 21 September, launch scheduled on September 27 and October 2.

  11. 🤔 This one had no people on it, which was good. The added G's could have been rough on bones and necks. Still, I wonder what his insurance carrier is thinking… or, being a Billionaire, he might be self-insured. Just pure speculation on my part but don't be surprised if refunds are given for the ones in line and there are no more people-occupied rides. They announce that all efforts are now on the BIG rocket.

  12. If a crew had been on board they would not have experienced a high gravitational force, but a high force from the accelerating enclosing capsule, caused by its firing escape rocket engine. Gravitational forces result from a mutual interaction between massive objects, but we can't feel them when floating in space. That is why when you jump off a tall building the fall doesn't hurt you one bit, but only the sudden stop at the end.🚀🧑‍🏫