[SCRUBBED][4K] Watch Firefly's Second Orbital Launch Attempt Of Their Alpha Rocket!

Firefly Aerospace is the next private rocket company that aims to achieve orbit with its second launch attempt of their brand new Alpha launch vehicle. Alpha will lift off from Vandenberg Space Force Base, USA, and targets a 300 km low Earth orbit (LEO), in which it will deploy multiple payloads. On board of the FLTA002 To The Black mission will be multiple CubeSats and PicoSats, with most of them being copies of satellites that were lost during the failure of Firefly’s FLTA001 DREAM launch.

Check out our Prelaunch Preview to learn more about this mission!


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  1. Would an abort system still work during a crewed mission while in Max-Q? Or is it likely lives would be lost due to the enormous g’s?

  2. hey Elon. why don't you use plasma coating as heat shield good for 6k degrees? used on shuttle parts. also J Lenno used on the Doble steam engine rebuild.

  3. I'm curious, can you host a Spacex Falcon launch, I wanna see if it's scrubbed. Nasa should leave space stuff to the big boys.

  4. The whole picture is different than what a Hypersonic nose looks like. The expansion of space particles is breaking through what we didn't before?

  5. I'm so glad you are doing this! I was joking about Victor vector but not about velocity and fusion gamma status.

    The whole picture has to be so perfect AND include weather instrumentation at calibration neuron, proton and electron entanglement in specific areas. How ingenious! I truly believed that we can even correlate the"invisible" variables. The "invisible variables" are what we need to add or subtract

  6. Many launch scrubs on rocket systems means back to the planning board. The 21st Century technology has more energy efficient alternatives. Plasma engines, stratospheric takeoff, etc. Rockets are impressive but obsolete. Ultra secrecy and competition are out too. We need innovation and cooperation to fix this ailing space program. The experts is here. Motivation and common sense will solve many issues to achieve success.. Thanks.

  7. I would be absolutely honoured by Elon Musks presence. This is your most recent post I know it hasn't got anything to do with Iron Man but I just want you to see this to congratulate you and your team. You've came so far in the past couple of years. Guarantee you never thought in a million MECO's that your channel would grow to where it is now thanks to your team efforts and loyal followers. You pointed out a modification that could be made to Starship while interviewing Elon and he was like "yea your right" 🤣 If that was Jeff Bezos his ego would of made you delete that scene but thankfully Elon is down to Earth 😅.

  8. I think SpaceX has ruined our sense of how difficult it actually is to launch rockets without em… Ya know…. Blowin up. We're so used to seeing things go smoothly now. we're expecting every rocket standing on the pad to go off pretty much every time but if you wanna launch rockets without em blowing up you gotta play it safe.

  9. Hey Everyday Astronaut or the other NASA geeks that follow these videos! I'm heading down to Florida in 14 days and planning to visit the NASA spaceport and was wondering what is a must see? It's been probably more than a dozen years since we were there last and I remember seeing the Saturn V and driving around the VAB in a tour bus. I am guessing there won't be any launches between 9/22 – 10/1? If there are I am not sure where to view them from because I hear the roads and viewing areas get packed. Thanks in advance!

  10. (Posted at 3:25 PM PDT) Tim, this is the California Central Coast. If you don't like how the weather is, just wait 15 minutes.