Sierra Space Announcement!! PLUS, Blue Origin just got really lucky!

Sierra Space has just announced a major accomplishment for their LIFE space station module!! In spite of the proven performance of Vectran, NASA and others have been hesitant to trust inflatable modules in orbit. In July, Sierra Space conducted a test that proved without a doubt that Vectran can handle the rigors of space even better than conventional metallic modules.
PLUS, what does the Blue Origin anomaly mean for the future of New Shepard and Space Tourism? What if there had been a crew onboard?
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Sierra Space LIFE Module


  1. I dunno, I think there's a certain subset of potential passengers that might actually pay more for THAT experience 😂

  2. Keep in mind that this New Shepard booster was only ever used for cargo and tests. I don't think it was human rated.

  3. On the balloon modules, they can later send up segments to over the surfaces or something. Standard air pressure is only 14.7psi.

  4. What is the point of inflatable tents in space other than providing more space for astronauts? i dont see how you could mount heavy equipment or anything in these.

  5. It's worth mentioning that the B.O. rocket that suffered a catastrophic engine failure was NS3, the most flown, cargo only booster, and not NS4, the one for passengers.

    This leaves NS4 as their only operational booster.

  6. Funny how the camera stayed with the capsule the whole time and totally ignored the failed rocket tumbling and crashing down.

  7. The real reason Bigelow Aerospace failed was timing. They launched a few test space stations into LEO. Which was amazing!!!
    But the only Manned launch vehicles were the Space Shuttle and Soyuz. Both dedicated to the ISS. So there was no way to get people to and from these stations.
    Basically the company was too early.

  8. Fun fact: In the 1990s NASA pursued a program called "Trans Hab" for the ISS.
    It was a inflatable module to house the crew. It would be a prototype for deep space missions.
    In 2000, U.S. Congress passed "House Resolution 1654" which "Banned" NASA from further development.
    A few years later Bigelow Aerospace bought the patent rights from NASA.
    I really hate how the politicians stand in the way of progress.

  9. Thanks JW! 9G is not a hiccough, haha, but yes. Sierra is really impressive. Are they financed by that Nevada Billionaire? Or unrelated maybe.

  10. Sorry but if my car broke down in the middle of the road and then I got hit from another car and my airbags went off I still wouldn't consider that a successful trip

  11. Meh, a 9 meter balloon that needs a lot of interior decorating.
    If I were buidling a station, I'd get a Starship without sea level raptors or wings and have it fully kitted out before liftoff.

  12. Yes but, how big of a module could they make with the space of the Starship to work with? Twice as big, three times? How about spinning a circle of these fu–ers to make artificial gravity? Could they take the load?

  13. the scale of the model they blew up has me concerned. it does not look like a huge one. you expect increased pressure on a smaller inflatable than on a larger one. how well does it scale.

  14. The investigations into issues with commercial aircraft created the safe, reliable transportation we have today. Same with cars. We need the FAA and the companies to be transparent and thorough in this investigation so BO and the rest of the industry can learn from this and make safer rockets.

  15. Sierra Space may well have their LIFE modules ready to deploy in '26 or '27 but, given BO's track record, it seems highly unlikely that they will have the core element of the Orbital Reef ready by then, or before sometime well after 2030. Orbital Reef is an excellent concept but it astonishes me that anyone is trusting Blue Origin to provide a product in a timely manner.

  16. Put it this way… would you rather be exposed to 9Gs or an explosion 🙄 That capsule did a fantastic take-off.

  17. I have a hard time separating BE4 from Orbital Reef, but it is possible to have 2 divisions in a company perform differently on separate missions. I'm glad about their partners like Sierra Space, actually that's about it lol

  18. No one on board…. it was i-RSD (intentional) for some negative/positive publicity. Gotta be relevant by any means necessary. money to burn… escape system chemistry expiring… really let the patrons know they will be saved if an anomaly were to take place…. idk there's a bunch of reasons to gin up some attention at the same time

  19. So annoying when ads interrupt you half way through words, and not at paragraph breaks. Thanks for the updates regarding the new space station.

  20. Hi jordani, long time fan. you could improve your audio by lowering your high range treble on your eq


  21. I tried out 6G, no suit, untrained and a bit out of shape. It's heavy, but you can still move. I think anyone can sustain 8-9G for 5-ish seconds and not die, especially in good seat. Actually negative Gs were harder to cope with because it tries to turn your stomach inside out instead of just squishing it)

  22. All SpaceX has to do is replace Starship with habitat and boost it into LEO. A Starship size motel…imagine how large the area would be if you removed most of the tanks? There's no competition with SpaceX's booster. They can put whatever they want on top.of it. And then attach a Dragon for an escape pod. Inflatable vs a large solid hotel…there is no competition.

  23. I'm glad the launch escape system worked, but it should never have to be used in the first place.

  24. A wonderful video and excellent news about Sierra Space. You have not been in the UK too long we need to be angry in the UK abut space !!!

  25. I live about 2 miles from JSC and I have to say the explosion of the module was underwhelming. We barely heard it

  26. Yeah, let's see how those modules hold up against micro meteorite. F around and kill everyone on the station.

  27. It's impressive for an inflatable module to hole 12 atm, but I'm not clear how useful that data is (not an engineer!) — isn't the issue more of how the envelope responds to a high-energy impact, to absorb and disipate the energy without being punctured? That testing should provide some really cool visuals — I look forward to seeing them!