New Shepard Explosion!

The Blue Origin Failure/Success!
New Shepard Booster 3 carrying the RSS H.G. Wells capsule had a serious engine problem causing a loss of mission. The RSS H.G. Wells was carried to safety by the Rocketdyne solid rocket emergency abort booster. The Terran Space Academy walks you through the flight. Enjoy!

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  1. Can anyone say unapologetic fan boy? Blowing something up during testing is far from the same thing as a failure on an operational flight attempt.

  2. At the time of accident, I knew it was a turbo pump just by the color of the flame tail. My question is which turbo pump? My guess is the LOX turbo pump. To me the flame tail look fuel rich.

  3. testing, developing, failing … and people get their monthly payment — could not be closer to real world and rocket engineering is obviously no exception

  4. Could not find any details on how much lower the Isp would be with pressure fed engines … even "keep it simple s." has its limitations on rocket engineering and of course sometimes rockets blow up despite everything

  5. Regarding that solid rocket motor – is there no possibility that the capsule will flip over and rocket downwards towards earth (say if the booster explodes instead of just loosing power)?