Is a Tesla Solar Roof worth it? Let's ask an owner.

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  1. In 10 years you will be replacing those solar panels made by Chinese slave labor and then they will end up in a landfill poisoning your water. Plus they were made using electricity from coal plants so much for green energy.

  2. No, it’s not. Nice and concise. Solar panels are not efficient enough or have enough lifespan to be worth it in 2022 unfortunately. But instead America and the world decided to put all of our eggs in a basket that is going to use up all of the rare earth minerals so that by the time we have a panel that’s worth it we can’t make them because we don’t have the materials available.

  3. Perhaps he could add a lean-to shelter to protect those exterior mounted Power Walls from direct weather exposure.

  4. that part about the inspection being such a bore seems a bit counterproductive to the encouragement of solar power. I live in Nederland and had a Pannel system and new fuse box fitted last year. It was a one-day job and was active when the fitters left all the paperwork gets done upfront. Admitted it was a Pannel on roof job, not a full roof replacement so maybe that was why it took so long.

  5. What is the million dollar home insurance policy for when you require over 10 kW per day and who does it pay out to

  6. I bet a person would have to dread replacing that or not even being made anymore after its useful life. Can I person tell if one is defective without pulling a bunch off? I think this is definetely only for people with not much yard, I would definitely go for a ground mount system.

  7. I wanted a solar roof. But the up front cost. And not enough power. Add electric car. Maybe one day when power output is better on the panel's. I might rethink solar. If I'm not in the ground by then.

  8. It would have been nice to know how much it cost and how many years to break even with electrical savings.