Watch live as SpaceX tries again to launch a Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX will make a fourth attempt to launch a Falcon 9 rocket with another 54 Starlink internet satellites, after three weather delays. Liftoff from pad 40 is scheduled for Friday at 9:15 p.m. EDT (01:15 GMT) on Sept. 16. Launch attempts on Sept. 13, 14 & 15 were scrubbed due to stormy weather at Cape Canaveral.

About 8.5 minutes after launching, the rocket’s first stage booster will land on the drone ship ‘Just Read the Instructions’ in the Atlantic Ocean.

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  1. Not sure how SpaceX will ever be able to have manned starships re-entering the atmosphere. With the thin stainless body vibrating heat tiles loose for years now with obviously no fix in sight it's not going to be pretty with astronauts in space saying we have a lot of heat tiles missing. Should we roll the dice on our lives relying on the stainless alone to keep us safe? NOT ME

  2. Is nighttime the only time they can launch rockets? This is getting ridiculous at this point. They can make airplanes lightning proof yet they can't do that to rockets

  3. How come a rockets body doesn't have some version of the stuff in airplanes body does to deal with lightning?