SpaceX VS NASA, AI for Space Science, Black Hole Crushing Itself | Q&A 191

We’re back from hiatus! In this week’s Questions and Answers show, I talk about what will happen when the expansion of the Universe reaches the speed of light, how I feel about SLS delays, what’s happening with James Webb, and more…

00:00 Start
00:41 What happens when the expansion of the Universe reaches the speed of light?
03:27 Thoughts on SLS delays?
05:38 What’s new with JWST?
08:44 Will NASA stick with the Gateway?
11:44 Could we build an engine to catch particles in space?
14:35 Why is the private sector more efficient than government?
19:43 Will SpaceX have humans on Mars before Artemis gets to the Moon?
21:14 Can a black hole eat itself?
22:08 How can we know the age of the Universe?
24:51 Will politics break the space industry?
26:30 Should we explore other places than the Moon, Mars and Venus?
29:37 How is AI being used for space science?
31:53 Could returning astronauts be put into simulated Mars gravity?

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  1. Hi Fraser, could the shockwaves from explosion's throughout the universe be the reason for the expansion of the universe.

  2. Granted, you mentioned as a footnote the NASA program used to incubate SpaceX, Blue Origin, Astrobotic, Boeing Aerospace, etc. But how quickly would these private entities have been able to launch to space without the subsidies as well as the access to hundreds of billions of dollars in research acquired from NASA, USSR/Russia, ESA, JAXA, etc.? More corporate welfare…

  3. Just think, if all the black holes eat everything and each other until all matter is crushed into a singularity, then the law of physics will collapse resulting in all that energy and mass being released in a BIG BANG..

  4. Space X has bugger all to do with "luck", in truth. Musk doesn't compromise on vision and executes. He's really special.

  5. What a great explanation on the Government v. Private methods of space exploration. Great work, my friend. Dave in Phoenix

  6. I wonder how long it be till we have a picture of an exoplanet that isn't just a light blob?

    A few years ago, I would've said ~2060, but now I think it could be closer to ~2030

  7. A wise man once said: "One does not book a return ticket when traveling to watch a rocket launch". I wonder how many Florida residents live there because of getting stuck for too long and just settling there πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Fraser, Have you seen For All Mankind on Apple TV. Alternative history Space race drama. Would love your take on it!

  9. I never thought of how capitalism benefited the space industry by offloading the consequences of failure onto the private sector.

    Before, I always thought that a lot of potential was lost by no longer having the availability of the large pool of money that comes from government investment.
    Capitalism is only viable if short term profits are made. As we see from the medical, education and housing industry, greed has the opposite effect. I used to think, "what profits could be made by studying the universe?"

  10. Hello Fraser, my question is: why is it that if humans were to travel fast enough to reach a Lorentz factor of 600 plus. Why would the empty space transition from black to red and cycle thru the spectrum like a rainbow?

  11. People are sanguine about people landing on Mars. Keeping a crew alive on a 6/7 month trip and then somehow landing many tonnes (50/60?) in The thin atmosphere on Mars – when we can only land about a tonne of machines now. That is many decades or centuries away. I think you said it yourself (as did Elon) chemical rockets will never get us to Mars. And we don’t have an alternative to get off this planet.

    P.S. to be fair that is what you said. More then 50 years since a moon landing. I’m guessing sometimes in the 2200s before Mars. That’s if (BIG IF) we are not occupied by climate disasters by then.

  12. Hey Fraser. Is a possible cause of the irregular orbits all pointing in one direction around Neptune and beyond caused by interstellar winds? I know the heliosphere is somewhere close there and I'm not dismissing the idea of planet 9, finding it would be amazing but just looking into the other possibilities. Also I have yet to see a map of both the heliosphere and the trans-neptunian objects together. Thanks

  13. On the Mars buoyancy test why not just have them return and take a nap and see how that might affect muscle growth and Bone development. Or have the Mars buoyancy as part of gravitational readjustment therapy.?