SpaceX Has a New Challenger | PLD Space

SpaceX Has a New Challenger | PLD Space

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The European Space Agency (ESA) has pledged its support to PLD Space, a start-up based at the Universidad Miguel Hernández Science Park (PCUMH) in Elche, to the tune of 750,000 euros for its project «Liquid-Propulsion Stage Recovery». These funds will enable PLD Space to carry out both ground and flight testing and mature its technologies to the point of being able to make its first space launch. The start-up will be joined by the company COMET Ingeniería in Valencia and the Basque technology center Tecnalia.

PLD Space’s full mission test took place during nighttime at Teruel Airport in the west of Spain on Wednesday, September 14. The 110-second mission tested all of the Miura 1 rocket’s subsystems to ensure it is ready for launch by the end of the year. The test fired up PLD Space’s liquid-propellant Teprel-B engine, which will lift Miura 1 into space. The mission, however, was focused on testing all of the rocket’s systems to make sure they were working correctly ahead of launch. In May, PLD Space put the Teprel-B engine through its spaces with its second and final static fire test prior to launch.

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  1. Lol. Muira 1 is suborbital. Muira 5 is Orbital, with a payload up to 900kg. Falcon 9 (+ 150 successful orbital launches) can carry 22,800kg. Falcon Heavy does 63,000kg. Starship will carry 100-150 metric tons. In what weight class will PLD compete with Spacex?