NASA's SLS major plan changed to launch before SpaceX Starship despite huge problems!

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NASA’s SLS major plan changed to launch before SpaceX Starship despite huge problems!
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David Nagy:
Sushifoxx Studios:
Despite two failures, NASA has come up with a new repair plan, still aiming to launch its massive Moon rocket before the first orbital flight of SpaceX’s Starship!
How will they carry out the plan?
And will it really help SLS get off the ground before Starship?
Let’s find out in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

Fate has not been particularly kind to NASA’s new mega-rocket!
The initial launch date, the end of 2016, was long gone.
Countless delays meant the SLS rocket became almost overshadowed by its main competitor, the SpaceX Starship. A chrome-adorned, retro-styled vehicle developed by Elon Musk’s fan-favorite corporation.
The SLS, in its current configuration, can generate 8.8 million pounds of thrust, which is enough to earn it the title of the world’s most powerful rocket. According to SpaceX, the Starship is roughly twice as powerful as its competitor, and capable of generating around 17 million pounds of thrust – an amount that no future variant of the SLS could even come close to achieving.
NASA’s SLS major plan changed to launch before SpaceX Starship despite huge problems!
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  1. Khuc giang tau hay wa Co jao… Rieng doan nay chac phai danh toi mung 1 tet moi jong Co jao…1 ban nhac TẾT vui tuoi dc nhieu ngưôi yeu thich… Cam on Co jao…

  2. Somebody needs to take you to court, guys. You don't get to smear people with pictures for free… you know, the one that disappears as you start the video so you can deny it….

  3. Would Space X purposely delay their launch so NASA launches first? I mean they don't really benefit from destroying NASA's reputation since they're partners, sure Space X would gain a nice reputation boost by launching first, but what about the aftermath, when NASA's is starting to decrease and the consequences that would have to the whole american space industry, that would affect Space X way more than they would benefit from launching first.

  4. These comments that constantly come out and say that NASA are deliberately holding SpaceX back to beat Starship are f*cking dumb. No one in NASA thinks there is some sort of race between NASA and SpaceX. No one in the government thinks there is a race between NASA and SpaceX. Starship is still doing static fire testing. Neither NASA or the government have done anything at all in that regard to delay SpaceX. In fact both NASA and SpaceX are running into issues and delays.

  5. I'm not really convinced that there is any race to see who goes first. I'm fairly sure that either of them will launch as soon as they can do it safely.

  6. NASA is it’s own worst enemy – they continually accept ridiculous demands from political hacks to gain funding and remain employed. Then they stall as long as possible hoping to retire before the programs are pulled – It’s become a joke where nothing gets accomplished or is done half-assed.

  7. The problem isn't NASA or the engineers who work for them, the problem is the bureaucracy and that everyone in Congress wants a piece of the pie. The SLS is being built by over 1,000 companies, whereas Starship is almost exclusively built in house, vastly different logistics and management.

  8. SLS will prob just blow up and prove the choices NASA makes suck and cost tax payers. The Government and the people just need to shut NASA down and hand the keys to Elon

  9. GREAT SPACEX : No you really , don't want to know what I think about [ nasa ] , and the faa , , , and I think you might have noticed I used the lower case , I know [ You[tube] has . But as far as these two [ agency's ] are concerned , they don't deserve , my respect , nor do they my [ TAXES ] , so they remain , at least for me , in the past ! I will , I suppose glance at them in my Rear view mirror , as I move along , but I doubt IT ! ! ! Jack

  10. Man Nasa rocket make no sense is a moon rocket we need a rocket for cargo to space and back no a rocket that once is launch is trash that’s just a waste of money they should stop building old rocket’s and let spaceX do the work Nasa don’t know what reusable means

  11. If SLS can't return their main booster to a landing like SpaceX regularly does, then they are still stuck in the sixties. And it ain't the sixties anymore. But Starship is just a bit more than I think can work. But I'll eagerly be watching it's launch. With SLS going down range in the direction shown I'll be outside able to watch it.

  12. SLS = Old tech, old thinking, old politics, overly complex, no reusability and expensive. Come on, this is now the 21st century. Why are we building a rocket that could have stood next to the Saturn V? The inside of the Orion capsule looks like a torture chamber compared to SpaceX version. I grew up during the Race to the Moon, but NASA should only make decisions on the science. RFPs should have at least 80% reusability and declared ceilings on cost. I just see my tax money being shot off into nothing. How much will the next one cost? uggh..

  13. Enough is enough! Quit spending and pissing away taxpayer dollars on something that's obsolete and wont-work for the future.

  14. NASA knows "Hurry = Boom" when SpaceX wants to launch Starship, but has a serious memory lapse regarding SLS "launches".

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