This is Huge! New Major SpaceX Florida Launch Tower Update…

This is Huge! New Major SpaceX Florida Launch Tower Update…
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We’re waiting for Starship’s first orbital flight, but have you ever wondered about where will this happen?
Honestly, one year ago, this is a superfluous question. But now, we definitely should think about this as while Starbase has experienced more than a year of delays by the FAA, they have yet to receive their final flight permits. And Starship launch pad in Florida is being in rush to complete.
Where will Musk’s last card fall?
Let’s discuss more this in today’s episode of the Alpha Tech channel:

Located at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Launch Complex 39A facilities, SpaceX has intended to construct a Starship launch site there for several years. A serious attempt was made in late 2019 but SpaceX soon abandoned the effort and redirected its energy towards Starship prototyping and a much different launchpad design. Two years later, SpaceX’s second attempt shares only a little in common with the first. Both are to be located within the eastern half of Pad 39A’s shield-like footprint, although the specific location of the tower and launch mount has been modified. If this attempt comes to fruition, Starship’s first East Coast launch facilities will still sit just a few hundred feet away from the only SpaceX pad capable of launching Crew Dragon, Cargo Dragon, or Falcon Heavy.

This is absolutely possible soon because the SpaceX team in Florida is now going at incredible speed!

Most clearly, in less than three months from the beginning, SpaceX’s orbital launch tower at Launch Complex 39A is now nearly full stack.
As of now, the company has installed eight of nine segments for the Starship launch tower.
The tower is already taller than the existing fixed service structure at pad 39A left over from the space shuttle program and is currently used to support Falcon 9 crew launches.
This is Huge! New Major SpaceX Florida Launch Tower Update…