Booster 7 Seven Engine Static Fire | SpaceX Boca Chica

Booster 7 completed a successful 7 engine static fire test, the most thrust and highest number of engines in a single test yet.

Video from Starbase Live. Edited by Jack (@theJackBeyer).

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  1. I've watched and shared this many times today, absolutely bloody brilliant, well done to Elon and the Space X team, at this rate Starship will get to orbit before SLS!

  2. Those engines are super smooth – now that we hear 7 engines together should be able to estimate the sound levels for all 33. I don't think it will be much different to the falcon 9 but that's only a guess.
    There is no sound suppression water fall or sound baffles installed so far as i can see maybe they wont need anything at all – it's not like the starship is going to sit about on the pad for long it will be off that pad faster than falcon 9 which only needs about one second and after that the sound suppression stuff wont make much difference.

  3. I have my doubts about that tower if that is indeed to be the launch tower for the full stack Starship w/booster to launch from. It could be in my head but it appears that the tower is flexing slightly. If that is the case, and again I could be wrong I have doubts regarding the length of time it could hold the thrust from the full stack and all engines burning at full thrust.