SpaceX Super Heavy Booster 7 Fires 7 Engines!

SpaceX fires 7 engines today on Booster 7 bringing us one step closer to an orbital launch. Elon musk tweets that all chambers look good. We are all waiting more good news.

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  1. Not sure you noticed something at 24 sec bottom right of the video a piece seems.tombe flying off.

  2. Yo Elon …. Think 33 Raptor 2s liftoff, much less SF, might turn the Launch Complex into crunchy cinders without a serious diversion of the mostest of all rocket thrusts? Really? Show your answers.

  3. is that a car bonnet vibrating at the start of vid? Looks like a 150 decibel subwoofer shaking it which would imply something like 175 decibels 10-20m off from OLM if bonnet distance is around 200 metes – any better guesstimates?

  4. does the fact that raptors are much smaller than say f1's mean that the frequency spectrum of their sound would bias toward higher end somewhat and in some sense mean sound would attenuate more readily than sound produced by the saturn V equalizing netwons of thrust?

  5. If seven engines give off this much smoke, What will 33 look like? I really think the stand needs to be higher + deflectors for a 33-engine test or flight for that matter. Just saying.

  6. Seven Raptor's Honking, Six Geese A-Layin, Five Golden Rings! . . . . . I'm bettin Somebody's got a song stuck in their head now ; )