Look out, SpaceX!! These guys are launching big payloads for 5 million dollars?? RFA Interview!

I catch up with Rocket Factory Augsburg at the Paris IAC 2022! This German launch provider is looking to disrupt the entire industry by launching quadruple what Rocket Lab can for only 5 million USD!!! This could put SpaceX Rideshare in a tight spot.

Here’s how they intend to do it…


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  1. So, RFA guys say that top-tier German automotive parts are as good as other people's aerospace parts or those built in-house for many times the cost. They might well be right.

  2. 1:01
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  3. For the love of god can you balance your sound levels? Quiet interview streaming to the TV, THE ANGRY ASTRONAUT YELLING WELCOME TO THE CHANNEL ROLL THE INTROOOOOOOO!

  4. Hey Jordan, just wanted to say thank you for your amazing work; you know there's a lot of channels out there, Marcus House, The Everyday Astronaut, What About It… Which I really enjoy watching too btw, but your approach is so different, getting us to learn about the newcomers of the business and not so known technologies and concepts for a regular astronomy/space race/rocket industry fan and actually physically going places is so much appreciated!!!

    So yeah, thanks from Spain 🙂

  5. in the interwive, they said 5 million Euro`s, Not dollars, so kinda think this is not acccurat. check out time stamp 5.45 in vid..

  6. We all have dreams, the proof is in the making. If they can be transparent like SpaceX and show us, then… "Look out, SpaceX"

  7. CLICK BAIT ALERT!!>>>>>"Look out, SpaceX!!" lmfao! This is a LONG LONG way off! lmfao smfh Damn youtuber clickbait artist!

  8. Very good interview, Boss! Pretty interesting the idea of that kind of payload can be delivered to SSO for €5 Million is even in the realm of imagination. Good for them! And that was a good question about avoiding Astra's pitfalls, because I was thinking the same thing, but RFA seems extremely legit. All good wishes.

  9. Every company claims they will challenge Space X and Starship, ill believe it when I see it. I hear speculations only. Until we see an actual running, flying prototype thats functioning its no better than a Toy plane.

  10. I watch literally every one of your videos thank you for your content!!
    I liked how you did "Stay angry about space" this time (100% unironically) I Love when you say that line–and the volume didn't scare my cats 😋