A New Launch Date For Starship's First Payload Has Been Revealed by SpaceX

A New Launch Date For Starship’s First Payload Has Been Revealed by SpaceX

SpaceX is now ready to climb the hills to space. The cargo starship’s nose cone is set to piers through clouds in the atmosphere, overcome the Earth’s gravity, and start floating in space, heading to the Moon before Mars.

Remember that NASA has already paid SpaceX a whopping sum of $2.9 billion to land their astronauts on the Moon and build a base there. Still, SpaceX has all these while face a lot of challenges during the construction of the Starship, from the raptor engine failure, which was upgraded to raptor 2 to the chopsticks catcher. Down to the FAA’s unnecessary delays, SpaceX couldn’t meet up to launch the Starship SpaceX as expected.

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On Tech SpaceX we will go through spacex starship orbital launch, spacex starship progress and starship orbital launch. Stay tuned for the latest spacex launch test, spacex static fire and spacex superheavy.

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