Blue Orgin in trouble with the US Government? Congress demands transparency!

The New Shepard anomaly has attracted some powerful attention in the US Congress. Two US Representatives, from both parties, have demanded greater transparency from the FAA and Blue Origin because New Shepard is a human rated spacecraft. To make matters worse, they’ve demanded information within 10 days! Just how serious is this?
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  1. Recent "Carnival ride deaths" Also under Gov. regulations. All it is is the Gov. making sure they can "Control" These private industries.

  2. It's the Gov. making sure they can control access to space. They are going to do it with SpaceX as well. "Do as we say, Or we take you down" Take notice of recent rules of Starship missions.

  3. The craft worked wonderfully in terms of the abort system. There’s no real issue here other than finding out what happened to the engine. No big deal here.

  4. While I agree with the need for more transparency from Blue Origin, the justification that 'it could have been dangerous to humans' is ridiculous. ANY flight to space is dangerous to humans, this not a commodity experience yet.
    The real issue is whether or not those exploding engines, and their technology, is ready to be used by NASA.

  5. They know they won't get a full answer within 10 days, but they would expect to have an initial meeting to learn where things are, next steps, time frames, etc. That's probably what that 10 day meeting is about

  6. Look at you 4:42
    I thought it was a good test.
    We could slip in the shower or step on the cat and fall down the stairs.
    Stuff happens.

    I for one appreciate your take on things from the other side of the pond.
    Global community. We need more Team Space – Invite others to play.
    Yes, stay angry about space. I think your kind of perspective is vital to advancing the cause.
    I am constrained at the moment but will help when I can. I am with you in spirit if not in pocket book.

    I am on a mission.
    You know I love your show ♥ alt numpad-3
    I click the buttons for you and do Battle Algorithm.
    My guess is you are meeting some really interesting people, new crew?

    Oh you have some very nice people in the comment section.
    Ask the hard questions. Listen to the answers. Tough love you know being a parent
    sometimes growth is painful for all of us. Tell me, what do you need? How can I help?
    Peace Brother.

  7. I think this is just congress getting back at Bezos for the whole Artemis bs he pulled. Politicians can be pretty that way

  8. New Shepherd uses the BE-3 engine. New Glenn upper stage uses the BE-3 engine, that should be a big problem.

  9. "We gotta protect our phony baloney jobs!"- Anyone in Congress (probably)

    They're concerned that if people were on board, their safety could have been put at risk? Uhhh….. IT'S A ROCKET! Of course you take every precaution, and make sure safety is absolutely #1 but at the end of the day, you're still getting onboard basically a tube filled with highly explosive chemicals, and hope everything goes in the right direction. There is a high risk inherent in rocketry, and things do go wrong sometimes. In this case, the New Sheppard system did everything it was supposed to do, and if there were people on board, hopefully they would have been okay (yeah, probably a few injuries, hopefully minor) But considering how many times this system has been up and down without any problems, I think it's a pretty reliable rocket. I just hope the government doesn't go on too much of a power trip, and hold them up too much, because while it's pretty much a "Space Tourism" vehicle used for the rich and famous, what they do to BO could easily be applied to other companies that have bigger goals.

    Thank you Angry Astronaut for the video, and all you do to shed light on the "behind closed doors" part of space exploration that often gets hidden under the rug! Keep up the amazing work you do! 🚀

  10. Irony is that those posturing Political MoFo's don't think twice about voting to escalate conflicts around the world, that will end and endanger very many lives, in stead of coming to a proper solution that all parties can compromise with.
    By yet they call themselves politicians.

  11. Space X launched so many times before they were allowed a human rated launch. Yet Bozo got to launch humns on his fair ground ride without the experience. Even Boeing are not able to launch people( theyre own fault), so how is it amazon can? And then of course, it fails, and no one knows much about the failure but guessing they will be allowed to carry on, because its jeff Bozo.

  12. Imagine if the failure had occurred with Shatner on board and you killed Captain Kirk? What would the fall out have been then?

  13. Let me see if I understand this. We had to wait well over a year to get a report about Challenger and Columbia when we knew from the get go what happened. BO goes splodey and no one is quite sure why and they demand data in only ten days. Eff these politicians in particular.

  14. How was the booster still increasing altitude at 258,000 feet (2:35 for example)? Is that just fake data? I can't imagine a rocket acting like that continued to move up for long.