NASA Reveals MAJOR NEW Discovery On Mars!

NASA Reveals MAJOR NEW Discovery On Mars!

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  1. Don't care if there was life on mars or not the fact there there probably were 2 planets compatible with what we know as life in one solar system is good news. The odds go WAY up!

  2. Wait a second. Organic matter just means it has Carbon in it. Carbon is the 4th most common element in the universe. It would be far beyond shocking if mars didn't have carbon. But that's a long way from life.

  3. Unless you found Marvin with his helmet and little space pistol, nobody cares.

    Robotic exploration is definitely the way to go. None of the rest of the solar system is conducive to any kind of short term or long term habitation; there is nothing to be gained by it, and the cost to do so is exorbitantly expensive and absurd.

    There is no planet or moon out there even close to Earth's environment that could serve as as secondary biocapsule for the human species like in science fiction movies. It's a hard truth we found out.

    The distances between systems also make next system space travel.. not possible. No hyperdrives, no warp speeds, sorry. . If we scr3w up the Earth, that's it, it's game over.

  4. So they didn’t find a trilobite? Misleading thumbnail. I’m done with this clickbate garbage channel. Unsubbed.

  5. Hardly a "MAJOR" discovery but ok. Only major discovery in my opinion will be when we find real extra terrestrial life, until then nothing to me is "MAJOR".

  6. And while NASA spends billions of dollars and takes 100 years to land idiotic rovers on Mars with equipment that can not confirm life or not on Mars or even if there was water, but guarantees a job for life for some university elite, Elon Musk could be landing a human team on Mars very soon that will be landing blind as NASA has not done any homework on the best place to land and set up a colony, and the team of experts in their various fields will be able to with their own hands, research, gather, and test on the spot, taking only a few years for Musk to be ready to launch the spaceship to do it and costing a lot less than sending stupid dumb machines for 100 years to rove around finding nothing and doing nothing. Remember, Musk will have a team of scientists, engineers, doctors, geologists, etc., there in 20 years or so from scratch, while NASA has been stuffing around finding nothing for 50 years after landing on the moon. Couldn't even find water, as I think it was a recent non-American satellite that detected underground water, while NASA wasted 50 years playing with toys.