Why does everyone hate Blue Origin?? RANT ALERT

With every passing year, the legion of BO haters grows by leaps and bounds. But why is Blue Origin such a hated company amongst spaceflight enthusiasts?

The list of reasons requires an entire video.
#space #spacex #nasa

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  1. because it looks like a cock, is owned by a cock who acts like a cock to his amazon customers and work force? or ask William shatner what he thinks.

  2. Well, Orbital Reef is a Blue Origin project. Axiom Station seems to be quite a bit ahead of Orbital Reef. And the CEO of the company was the program manager for the International Space Station from 2005 to 2015. In 2020, as part of the NextSTEP cislunar initiative, NASA awarded Axiom a US$140 million contract to provide at least one habitable spacecraft to attach to ISS. Axiom was the only selected proposal, in 2019.

  3. 6:18 "Leave me alone, I'm busy hugging the fake astronauts for the camera! … What?, I don't care how many people died, go hire some more, people are dirt cheap!"

  4. if bezos did not insist on putting the ridiculous bull shit cowboy hat that he somehow thinks makes him more manly he might have a shred of credibility

  5. you forgot 1 thing if be4 engines don't work who is going to send up this space carft and all the bits for a new space iss?i think anyone that join's up with jeff you knowwho is putting there compeny on the line for not getting to space at all

  6. Blue Orgin AstroNOTS barely have enough time to take a couple of photos. If you havn't at least prepared a meal, or made a complete orbit or had to take a crap or had to deal with some kind of a repair or performed a routine maintenance task or traverse an airlock while docked or had to monitor an experiment longer than the time it took you to drive to the launch site then they are NOT astronauts and their wings should be made of plastic and be given a participation certificate instead and never be mentioned in any capacity other than they took a ride, well unless you are actually piloting the vehicle then maybe.

  7. Environmentalist? Better watch Biden's UN speech.
    One world. U know.
    Might wanna be sponsored by Manscape.
    Pretty sure that their Weedwacker would do U good.
    11G? Suckers.

  8. I like your Paris venue and absolutely thrilled i helped in my own small way to foster your exciting and very cool trip abroad. All good wishes always.

  9. Readers Digest version…..BOLD PRINT….🤣 B.O. stinks…..and so does body odor.

    Edit : Jiff Bozos reminds me of the bald headed fuck in the 1st IronMan movie….an Elon is Tony Stark….

  10. Because he is a whiney little piss-ant who can't take no for an answer, and can only sit and watch others accomplish feats while he stomps his feet and cries. He is nearly as litigious as trump, and will sue anyone he feels has even looked at him the wrong way. His treatment of his workforce is nothing to be proud of either. He treats staff like slaves, and has only 1 concern, and that's what's in it for him. He is a world class ass.

  11. "Why does everyone hate Blue Origin?" Thats easy! it is because Jeff Bezos is a whining bitch! Mainly when he tried to sue space x and NASA lord knows how many times, And lost every aw suit!! LMFAO

  12. So irritating. . Oh yeah and you didn’t even get around to the actual worst thing they haven’t been able to do, with the most important promise that they’ve ever made.

  13. Yes! They suck. And Jeff Bezos is a douche. He seems to think he'll win the space race in court, rather than just building viable and competitive spacecraft.

  14. Possible does not make probable. I will agree BO is genius at getting people to pour money into it without a significant accomplishment. I will be surprised if BO actually manages to survive, much less beats everyone to the moon. Things would really have to line up for BO, for that to happen, one is stop acting like a vindictive Ex girlfriend.
    Anyhow what is the fixation with BO? To me if they get their act to gather great, we have another space capable company, if not, so what! Someone else will come in and fill the void. I could care less if it is SpaceX or BO, either will do, and Im sure BO has a good engine, Raptor 2 is a better engine, the environmental impact of a rocket launch is the least of the environment's worries. It's just not really an argument, just feel good nonsense.
    I will agree that SpaceX in orbit refueling scheme is best saved for the Mars mission/s. For the moon it seems a bit much and I am betting good money as the time gets closer to that moon mission a simpler more efficient game plan will take over. Possibly a special built starship just for the job, or simply adding some solid rocket busters to starship to save the needed fuel, but I digress.

  15. Going to have to call BS on the be-3 being "very reliable". It's currently grounded due to a very public failure and it hasn't had that many flights. Takes some really fuzzy math to turn that into "very reliable".

  16. Angry said "BO is not going anywhere". Looks like the key comment. It means both: 1) it won't go away 2) it won't go to the moon.

  17. The best thing I can say about Jeff Bezos is that he looks a lot like Benny Hill when he has his five gallon hat down on his ears. Except Benny is funny and Bezos isn't.

  18. Why is blue origin bad?
    They aren't fun, space x is fun, they share tons of information, embrace competition, and they have a charismatic leader, all the things blue doesn't have.

  19. And on the way down they say "we didn't die! They go a little higher than an aircraft and say that they are astronauts bahahaha, I had a 200mm deep blow up pool for my kids and now they call themselves deep sea divers!