SpaceX Starship Booster 7 major plan change | B8 Moves to Pad | Next FULL STACK Wet Dress Rehearsal?

SpaceX B7 Returns & Booster 8 Moves to Launch Pad | Next Big Test is FULL STACK Wet Dress Rehearsal

Hello Friends, welcome back to Engineering Today and we’re back with some latest space updates. Today we will start with an update on B7 static fire and B8 rollout followed by Russia’s indirect threat to Starlink. We will wrap up with a recent Starlink launch.

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  1. At least StarLink isn’t unloading SAM missles to be fired at our aircraft and shooting anti-aircraft guns on those same ships at our aircraft the way Russian ships did during the Vietnam war.

  2. Russia is just so salty, SpaceX is singlehandedly making their space agency obsolete. Their business of ride-shares and commercial launches is shrinking due to using rockets with technology from the 60s and not adapting to the re-use edge that SpaceX brings in terms of driving costs down and being more competitive in terms of cost effectiveness, and they are looking for any one to blame for being such losers in the battle, other than their own stupidity, corruptions and incompetence. I bet should they attack SpaceX, SpaceX is probably a lot more capable in Space than the country Russia, and the capabilities of Starship to transport material for the US army will be a force multiplier,

  3. A Rocket to Folly ! ….. How Musk thinks he can Fire off 3 BF Rockets per day and 1000s per Year … Plus block the Sun with 100,000 Satellites … without Riots from the Greeners and Plover Protectors ! … All without blinding flashes of white light … Ear shattering Roars … Fierce Fires … and Catastrophic Catastrophes is … Beyond Comprehensive !

  4. Always love seeing an Engineering Today video. Short, to the point, no fluff – and I can list at work and not worry that someone will be offended lol

  5. Hi engineering today great 👍 video of space and everything space yes that puttin feller is getting up every ☝️ ones nose even theaning us with nuclear ☢️ weapons David 🚀🇬🇧❤️🙏✌️👍

  6. So when SpaceX and its astronauts land on the moon what protocols do they have in place when they are approached by the locals that are living there? Just about every astronaut that says he has been there makes the claims there are others there and they were told to leave long ago. Time will tell.

  7. Given Russia's actions in Ukraine they have ZERO right to be dictating ANY terms or conditions or making BS comments about unfair ANYTHING!