Why SpaceX chose Boca Chica for Starbase #shorts

Our team spent a week in Boca Chica, Texas watching Starbase. Learn more about our trip in a new documentary, Rocketland: The SpaceX superfans uprooting their lives for Elon’s Starship. Watch on The Verge’s YouTube channel.


  1. the planet doesn't rotate faster at the equator than it does anywhere else. the surface speed increases the closer you are to the equator

  2. My brother used to build rockets as a kid,y stepdad worked for LTV for years and brother wants to move to Boca Chica to help with Space x.

  3. No, the planet does not "rotate faster" at the equator. The entire Earth rotates at the exact same rate: once per day. What you mean is that the equator has the highest tangential velocity.

  4. Site selection seems to be sound. Time for the US government to get behind the efforts of SpaceX to improve the cost effectiveness of access to space.