Why SpaceX Need Sea Launch Spaceport To Launch Starship?

Why SpaceX Need Sea Launch Spaceport To Launch Starship?

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SpaceX is repurposing oil rigs to build a Starship spaceport that will be in operation in 2022. The aerospace company purchased two oil rigs, named them ‘Phobos’ and ‘Deimos,’ like the moons of Mars.

The oil rigs are located in ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore in Pascagoula for conversion and they moved Deimos one of spacex oil rig to South Mississippi shipyard.

Which is close to SpaceX’s Starbase facility where Starship is under development. The spacecraft will require a gigantic Super Heavy rocket booster to propel it to orbit, because the launch system will be very noisy, launching from a spaceport at sea far from cities will be the best option to conduct frequent trips. “Ocean spaceport Deimos is under construction for launch next year,” SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced today, May 30.

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Last year, another oil rig called Phobos arrived in Jackson County as part of the same SpaceX contract. In January 2021, SpaceX began modifying the former deepwater oil drilling rigs to support launch and landing of their next-generation launch vehicle, Starship.

Deimos was seen navigating through Isla Blanca at South Padre Island, Texas, located less than an hour away from the company’s Starbase facility. Isla Blanca Park is where space enthusiasts gather to watch Starship test flights because it is the closest launch-viewing spot.

Elon Musk’s aerospace company states its mission is to send humans and cargo into space including “Mars and Beyond.” The rig names, Phobos and Deimos, are both the names of the two moons of Mars.


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