Unfair! NASA just suggested not to fly SpaceX Starship to Orbit this year cause of SLS still there

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Unfair! NASA just suggested not to fly SpaceX Starship to Orbit this year cause of SLS still there
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The Starship would be the world’s largest rocket. It may also provide the cheapest launches. To accomplish this, SpaceX will need to launch fleets of Starships on a daily basis, as well as customers for the massive cargo capacity. SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket (referred to collectively as Starship) are fully reusable transportation systems designed to transport both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and beyond. The Starship will be the world’s most powerful launch vehicle, capable of carrying more than 100 metric tonnes to Earth orbit.
When Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, talks about Starship, he mostly talks about human exploration: Make humans a multi-planetary species by establishing bases on Mars, Save humanity from extinction.
Unfair! NASA just suggested not to fly SpaceX Starship to Orbit this year cause of SLS still there
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  1. Why should space x wait for nasa

    Nasa are a massive let down to all taxpayers
    They have become a joke
    Now we have other companies to compare them too
    They waste so much money

  2. You worded the title as if NASA told SpaceX not to launch to orbit before 2023 so as not to "upstage" SLS. So, did the paper say that, or, as you explain in the video itself, just estimated when the successful orbital launch might occur? (Hint: the latter; see the paper for yourself, folks.) What is "unfair" in it? Musk himself stated that SS might not reach the orbit until mid-'23.

    BTW, the paper is available here:
    Why didn't you link to it in the video description? Does you channel depend so much on pandering to fanboys continuously blaming NASA, FAA, Corps of Engineers, anybody, for inevitable SS development delays?

  3. NASA passed demonstration tanking test, fixes and improvements to eliminate hydrogen leakage work. They are now collecting and analyzing the data obtained during the test, which will allow them to make a decision on preparing for the launch on September 27 or October 2.

  4. You have good content, but please stop writing clickbait titles. Nothing is unfair, no one suggested anything, and there is nothing about Starship's testing timeline having anything to do with Artemis I. The document was merely stating what SpaceX is aiming to do (and as you pointed out, "in the next year" is ambiguous). I recommend that you distance yourself from the cheesy clickbaity channels, rather than joining them.

  5. I guess this confirms that all these bureaucratic and NASA delays are stall tactics to make sure Starship doesn’t upstage SLS by reaching orbit first… 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. Just like our current administration, the SLS is an embarressment to the world!!! "Let's scrub the space shuttle program because it's unreliable and dangerous and use the same decades old technology to power this new rocket"….REALLY? What a huge fucking waste of taxpayer money!!! Let Elon launch that boom tube and see what it does

  7. It’s not that I’m rooting against NASA, I’m not. But the more I hear about the Feds, NASA and the FAA purposely throwing up road blocks, the harder it is root for them…

  8. This is how corrupt NASA is, trying to cover up the 20 billion expenses on this Artemis Rocket Program for 20yrs… The Chinese did their Rocket in less than 20 yrs and at a quarter of the money spent by NASA…Now they use the FAA, Environmental Agency to prevent SpaceX to Launch Starship…Be FAIR NASA…At half the time and quarter of the money, spent by NASA, SpaceX now have the biggest rocket to fly…But being stopped by this Administration…..

  9. If all our space work circled around NASA no one will get anything done. Government funded space program can’t even launch a single rocket after spending billions. Now they wanna postpone SpaceX launches because of how much NASA sucks. They don’t want a private new company to show up NASA. Corrupt world we live in.

  10. Just because that other piece of garbage can’t make it up in the space they have no right to put their hands in the way of the launch button four-star shit, this is a private company testing what is one day going to be the premiere delivery vehicle for humans outside on this planet…

  11. NASA are always out of touch when it comes to spacex. There will be well known news, information, and new ways of doing things plastered all over the place. Then NASA will write a report based on outdated information.

    They're too bloated and slow.

  12. The article is being misinterpreted, I think. NASA is likely referring to Elon's famous "successful" tweet, in which he says that a first *successful* orbit of Starship will happen in 1-12 months. NASA is likely just affirming Elon's prediction. "Within the next year" is totally compatible with saying "in 1-12 months".

  13. The first few seconds of this video suggest that starship is built and operational, anyone that has been following the testing knows better. Do some research into the claims around this project, get info from detractors as well as fanbois and then you will have a more accurate assessment of this project.

  14. So now we're going to let NASA delay another spaceship company's progress just because of their bad judgment cost and because they're big Cash cow won't fly it's sad that NASA's poor work performance is going to hinder another company's progress

  15. TBH SpaceX is taking the time to make sure everything will work short of actually getting off the ground. Until they static fire all 32 engines, it is anyone guess as to when they can try launching. Elon wanted it to fly months ago but he too has to wait.
    SLS meanwhile is "in theory" ready to go after NASA declare "good enough" far too many times on the rehearsals. We can only hope it won't blow up on launch.

  16. Update. Leak detected today around 10 Am. NASA rocket fails leak test. So NASA rolls the rocket back and forth all the while NASA continues burning through train loads of tax money. Meantime Everyone hates SpaceX yet continues launching rockets weekly.

  17. I believe that the drones at NASA are upset that Musk and Space X are doing what they, and their cronies at Boeing (and Blue Origin?) so far have been unable to do. Pouty bureaucrats and drones tend to cause problems for those who they do not like.

  18. This is precisely the shenanigans I expected. The government will not allow SpaceX to do an orbital flight until AFTER SLS has had a successful launch. If SpaceX is allowed to be first, all the money spent on SLS will be deemed a waste, and they can't allow that. The best we can hope for now is for NASA to get their SLS off the ground as soon as possible because it is a roadblock to Starship.

  19. Of course NASA is jealous they have a bunch of Engineers that are overpaid and more than likely the taxpayer is writes their checks they make terrible miscalculations, NASA has to get out of their government rut

  20. NASA cannot allow a cheap, fast and far high technology starship to launch before SLS to save face and embarrassment.


  22. The Evil Overlord of NASA (Nelson) will never allow SpaceX Starship off the ground before SLS succeeds on an orbital test flight. Then just watch, every delay and problem will be the fault of SpaceX. Nelson's primary purpose in leading NASA is to delay SpaceX and extend corporate payola, governmental graft and greed.
    What do you think will happen if SLS fails to complete the 2nd launch mission? I hope they don't and yet ???

  23. Did the eng solve getting through the van allen belts without frying all electronics. Just wondering
    Big problem for nasa a few years ago.

  24. lots of so-called plans but has space x even begun Contruction of a starship that could be human rated. just curious because any high school dropout can do a CGI mockup. do they have a working blueprint?

  25. typical of NASA they are so busy trying to keep space x from surpassing them they ignore the fact that China will be putting humans on the moon as much as a year before they get around to it. what a bunch of losers.