SpaceX Starship Booster 7 major plan change after 7 engines firing up…

SpaceX Starship Booster 7 major plan change after 7 engines firing up… #STARSHIPFANS
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SpaceX Starship Booster 7 major plan change after 7 engines firing up…
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SpaceX has recently completed a record-breaking test of a Starship booster and rolled a newer Super Heavy prototype to the launch pad just hours apart.
Importantly, according to Musk, those rockets will soon switch places, SpaceX will once again return Booster 7 to Starbase’s factory for mysterious “robustness upgrades” after the latest round of testing.
Let’s find out everything about this in today’s episode of SpaceX Fans:

Booster 7 kicked off the most important stage of its flight qualification process on August 9th and 11th with two back-to-back static fires, each igniting just one of 20 installed Raptor engines.

On August 31st, SpaceX attempted to ignite three of Booster 7’s 33 Raptors. One engine failed to ignite but the others did not, resulting in a mostly successful two-engine test. Over the next two weeks, SpaceX performed several ignition-free ‘spin-prime’ tests, two of which appeared to spin up all 33 engines without causing an explosion. Finally, SpaceX telegraphed its next major goal with a seven-engine spin-prime test on September 16th and another on September 19th.

Shortly after the second seven-engine spin-prime, SpaceX refilled Booster 7 with propellant, went back through the same procedures, and ignited the same seven engines for about five seconds. No obvious issues arose and Musk later implied that the test went well. It set a new record for the largest number of Raptors simultaneously ignited on a single prototype and likely also broke the record for most thrust produced by a vehicle tested at Starbase.

If all seven upgraded Raptor V2 engines were operating at full throttle, they could have briefly produced more than 1600 tons (~3.6M lbf) of thrust – roughly equivalent to two Falcon 9 boosters. Measuring about 69 meters (~225 ft) tall and 9 meters (~30 ft) wide, Super Heavy will be the most powerful liquid rocket booster ever tested once it ignites as few as 20 of its 33 engines at full thrust.

On the next day of that test, two Raptors were removed after the B7 static fire test. Raptor #82 will be the replacement for one of them.
Thanks, Kevin for these awesome pictures!
SpaceX Starship Booster 7 major plan change after 7 engines firing up…
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  2. I'm having a bit on an issue with rapping my 3 brain-cells around how all the engines together are going to be possible on land…

  3. Maybe the more basic 25 is a step at getting fundamentally important systems proven before they worry about tiles. Get the engines, etc., working first. The first flight will likely be expendable.

  4. SpaceX Fans and other cultists predict that a fully stacked wet rehearsal and firing is only one month away. And I predict, 'it always will be.' In other words, Starship is looking more and more like Hyperloop, SolarRoof, TeslaSemi, TeslaTruck, TeslaBot, Neuralink, FSD, Robotaxi, TeslaBot, and PedoSubmarine every day.

  5. Great job Elon musk keep it up am also requesting the ways to investing on SpaceX as person from South Africa?

  6. I wonder if they are the back up plan to Artemis 1. They likely already have a service module and propulsion stage built and ready. My guess is it’s fully ready to go and do the moon orbit insertion

  7. I love how Elon/SpaceX operate with getting B8/S25 ready while working on B7/S24. No waiting around ! These people mean business.

  8. Can they set up at least 4 Starships as a fuel storage station between the Moon and Earth, so that they are away from low earth orbiting spacecraft.

  9. This time what went on in Vegas will not stay in Vegas!!

    I met both Britney Spears and Elon Musk in 2000 at Bellagio. Britney just stared at me as she was singing on stage and I was standing in an archway above and nearby. I'm not sure if I was supposed to be standing up there by myself but I did have her undivided attention. A few days later Elon came up to me and started asking me questions about what I was doing there, in Las Vegas and Hawaii during that time. If I would I be fine answering a few questions. And if I was a gambling man? I stated, "I was on vacation and I only like to bet on things that are worth betting on!" I had earned these trips by qualifying reward points at my work. He asked, "What kind of work is it that you do?" I said, "Commercial energy saving promotions but I had been schooled in Automotive Marketing Business Administration and worked in that field for several years as well." He asked me, "If I had millions of dollars to spend what would be the most innovative businesses that could help humanity?" We talked about electric cars, we talked about solar energy and so many other subjects for over an hour. Even commercial space exploration for the consideration of colonization. That way all of humanity's eggs are not in one basket in case of another world war, asteroid strike, major climate change, etc. These we're very expensive and ambitious businesses to become successful at. Therefore we had to talk about ways of keeping a low overhead in advertising, distribution and the manufacturing. He said, "They were all very good ideas and that they should be done!" He said he had already made hundreds of millions off of a couple internet companies he started. "One of them was PayPal," he stated. Not that I had really done a lot of online banking or e-transfers at that time I didn't think much of it, until I noticed online about a year later that I could buy something off the computer with my PayPal card! Unfortunately I had just received a promotion as regional manager with the company I was working with. This made me let Elon know that I had to wait for a few years before I could assist further. I keep on sending out messages, hoping that he will get one and reply back. I will probably have to keep on trying, he gets more messages in a day then I would in five years! It is very inspiring to me to have a conversation with someone and they dedicate the next 20 years to making our conversation reality! We also talked about becoming your own best supplier and starting businesses that help your existing business. A type of slingshot effect that he has incorporated very well. It is so ambitious and amazing that he was willing to put pretty much all of his money where his mouth is and just make it happen with a consistent dedication. Congratulations Elon and I am looking forward to working with you again, one day in the near future! I still come up with innovative business ideas on a daily basis. Of course Britney I always wish her well and would enjoy meeting her again as well. We will shoot for the Moon then Mars and then we will end up amongst the Stars! If you would like to learn more of these topics let me know. People with integrity expect to be believed otherwise they let time prove them right!
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  10. Ship 26, without Nosecone flaps or tiles, may be SpaceX's first iteration in the construction of HLS, which doesn't have flaps or tiles.
    Though most of the construction of HLS Starship is identical nto Orbital Starship, HLS Starship Wil like receive a car on composite outer skin (which will not be applied until all testing on HLS is completed).

  11. Best plan change – scrap the entire stupid silo building project, as it will never be safe enough for human rated flights!!! Start working on a new design with a launch escape system for the crew and a safer landing!!!