10 Year SpaceX veteran is now with…Skyrora!! Why? EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!

Skyrora has picked up a power player from SpaceX!!! How did this happen, and what makes this new launch provider different?
Find out in this Exclusive Interview!!
#space #spacex #nasa


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  1. Jordan, well done! Very cool how many excellent interviews you have recently garnered. Skyrora is super impressive, with a really responsible philosophy toward cleaning up the orbit. And now they have Spacex people on board, they certainly have a bright future. Staying angry here, Boss.

  2. What I really love about the companies that Elon has created is that the knowledge his employees gain or bring and experience while working there. are spread among other companies. It is similar to a mini-Silicon Valley where all these entrepreneurs left successful companies and formed their own. They spread their knowledge and created the greatest wealth factory ever. Now it is happening again. From Redwood Resources for batteries, to robots, to now rocket companies, his former employees will form the basis for a great renaissance of knowledge and methodology again. And he is all for it, unless you steal his patents! I love it. Thanks for bringing us ALL the rocket companies on your channel. Very valuable.

  3. Proud of my country's space programs and launch areas . The new space port will hopefully be finished soon a few miles away at saxa . One worry i have is launches during windy days as the wind is fierce up here … the future is scottish πŸ˜πŸ‘

  4. Truck driver here and just curious what your Launch Manifest is looking like meaning to be specific as you build out this system who do you think your customers will be?

  5. SpaceX blew us all away with their dirty, dusty, noisy rocket research and development and manufacturing environment with their hardhat, blue jean and reflective safety vest wearing engineers. We compare that to the well known, traditional ultra clean, bunny-suited engineers, with super ultra expensive manufacturing hardware in a super expensive purpose made, super clean building.

    I guess, Skyrora has decided to follow the SpaceX model, but have made it modular and transportable. Rocket companies can get smaller and have smaller infrastructure, now.

  6. I'm not sure what to expect from all these small rocket upstarts. It does seem odd to be talking about planned launch cadences before a full rocket stack has even been built, tested, and had at least a full duration static fire go successfully…it will be amazing if they all succeed.

    Launches every day will be happening, and from all over the world. Exciting times!

  7. Very interesting to hear about their environmental planning – apart from obviously being a responsible thing, it may turn out strategically smart

  8. Congratulations to a Green Scottish rocket company blazing a trail for the rest and to Jordan all I can say is stay Angry

  9. I just love this new small space race with dozens and hundreds of small companies trying to reach orbit
    Thank you, SpaceX, for pioneering

  10. Would be nice to see them talk instead of the videos. Just a suggestion for other interview videos. Nice job btw!

  11. A great interview Jordan. I have been following Skyrora for a couple of years now and listening to these two has continued my faith in the company and look forward to their launch next year!! As for the city Dnipro also known as ( rocket city) I spent almost 5 years there and have stood next to and admired the 3 rockets in situ especially the Cyclone-3. By coincidence I am wearing my Skyrora Tshirt watching this!! Go Skyrora!! πŸš€

  12. Hi Jordan,
    SpaceX can place a test Starship in orbit as a refueling Depot. Then, can Falcon 9 2nd stages ( perhaps with a small net or grappler mechanism added ) be refueled and used to deorbit large space junk or space tug services..???

  13. Pretty interesting indeed! Thanks for the interview, dude! πŸ˜ƒ
    I hope they succeed! They have some really interesting ideas!!!
    Stay safe there with your family! πŸ––πŸ˜Š

  14. Congrats to you Jordan for getting an interview with these guys at Skyora in Scotland….Go Skyora go Scotland…. Pete from Australia 🀠

  15. AA video that mentions the Kessler effect for the n +1 time. Check

    AA title that compares a company not in production operations to SpaceX. Check