Elon Musk just officially confirmed Booster 7's 7 engines Static Fire and NEW PLAN for Booster 8…

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Elon Musk just officially confirmed Booster 7’s 7 engines Static Fire and NEW PLAN for Booster 8…

SpaceX has just conducted another static fire on Booster 7 and it’s freaking cool!!!

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk himself shared a video documenting the test via Twitter!
Notably, this time the company fired seven engines on its Starship Super Heavy prototype “, marking the highest number of the company’s new Raptor engines ever tested at the same time.
Musk has confirmed that. He said the chamber pressures on all seven of the engines “looked good.”
Elon Musk just officially confirmed Booster 7’s 7 engines Static Fire and NEW PLAN for Booster 8…
This most recent SpaceX static fire has doubled the number of engines seen in its last Super Heavy test conducted on Aug. 31, during which the company performed a static fire with three Raptor engines. That marked the first multi-engine static fire the company has conducted on the Super Heavy booster, although SpaceX previously tested two of Starship’s six Raptors simultaneously in an Aug. 9 static fire.
Put simply, Monday’s static fire test created a new record!
That’s super cool!
That begs a question, how long before we see all 33?
In fact, this is not my own question, but that of many people.
And amazingly, Musk, when asked about this, has also revealed a bit about the company’s upcoming plans!
Elon Musk just officially confirmed Booster 7’s 7 engines Static Fire and NEW PLAN for Booster 8…
In a series of tweets on Sept. 19, Musk stated that “Booster 7 now returns to high bay for robustness upgrades.”
According to many speculations, the upgrades will probably include the Raptor blast shielding.
In addition, Musk also pointed out that the company’s next big Starship system test will be a “full stack wet dress rehearsal, then 33 engine firing in a few weeks.”
The “full stack” consists of a Starship atop a Super Heavy booster rocket, which together makes up the world’s tallest rocket at a whopping 395 feet tall (120 m).
This is, essentially, pretty similar to what we predicted in previous videos.
Once full-stacked, SpaceX will move to combined tests.
The company has not released a projected date for the test of its full Starship stack, but has signaled that it aims to launch the vehicle for an orbital test in the coming months.
Elon Musk just officially confirmed Booster 7’s 7 engines Static Fire and NEW PLAN for Booster 8…
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  1. hopefully, they have strain gages on those hold-down clamps when testing all 33 engines. What to do if starting to exceed load limits. shut down? the other question has testing been done on the hold-down releases? under load, test to ensure ALL fully release simultaneously? it would suck to have that many TONS of liquid fuel and Oxygen come down on starbase because s fail to release.

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  4. I checked with the local council and it turns out the entire star ship can be placed in the recycling bin after being tested to failure. How cool is that?

  5. i am scared that a full 33 engine r2 static fire will tear the airframe to pieces. i think these engines are too powerful for the un bolstered (2 extra turnbuckles each for a static fire) launch time hold down clamps. the booster will have to be released before all engines are lit.

  6. This will take loads of time. Maybe if we are lucky they manage to test everything in October. It is moving slowly for us observers. I dont expect to see the ship doing a successfull orbital flight in 2022

  7. I thought the delays were caused by the big bad government and the FAA? Seems like Musk wasn’t even close to being ready to launch and he knew it.
    Where are all the suckers who said he should move to Mexico or Shangrila to launch his Starship?

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  9. Good very good! The full test test will be 5 times the energy of the last ! There is no d*** way either the ring or the clamps that hold down to it without the additional weight! nonsense

  10. nice, you know i actually saw the new starlink train from the rocket that launched sunday i saw it yesterday

  11. 2:11 yes yes remember that coming months! not last christmast not last months while amateurs stare live its stacked its orbit this week. uf uf. they add more engines and yet again test LOL spacex official live start when orbit flight happen. no need stare amateurt live. amateurs dont know nothing. when i say it i allways get banned LOL. cant handle truth? i cant give money if im banned! lol

  12. Could that slick Starship be a tanker prototype? Makes sense to build one alongside the heatshielded/flapped models.

  13. I wonder when they do the full stack of booster and starship, will both ships be fueled for the static fire test? It will be interesting if they accomplish a full 33 engine static fire with the starship stacked, how many tiles are dislodged (if any) from the static fire.

  14. Looks like the days of "rapid iterations" have come to an end. We're so close to operational prototypes that such expendability is not necessary any more. Their confidence in the hardware is growing in relation to their due diligence as they are working out the bugs on the ground….in stead of in the air. In other words, they're tweaking out what they have already.

    A launch failure after all this…could be a blessing in disguise as the issues then may be so minor or apparent they could probably NAIL IT DOWN by the very next attempt.

    I think that Elon is working toward FULL operational status for the Starship division upon the first successful launch; hitting the ground running.

  15. I always wondered if the ship could detach from the booster if there was an anomaly ? then the ship could do an emergency ocean landing saving the cargo and most of the ship ! then one day humans !

  16. This machine is going to be a monster. Need to take time and get it right. Stop setting a certain date. Have no doubt they will launch it successfully.

  17. Inch by inch, row by row…

    It seems that SpaceX intends to use the first several Starship launches for perfecting getting to orbit in the first place, probably coupled with deploying some of the Starlink V2 satellites, leaving the more difficult task of returning and landing the second stage for later. I think that's reasonable.

    The launch cadence of F9 is insane! Both booster and launch site turnaround times are shorter and shorter, and we are beginning to see the benefits of reusability promised from the beginning.