Elon Musk Upgrades everything on Starship Nosecone for first orbital launch…

Elon Musk Upgrades everything on Starship Nosecone for first orbital launch…#STARSHIPFANS
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SpaceX will hit a big milestone this year on its road to Mars, if all goes according to plan.
The company is developing a giant rocket known as Starship to help make Mars colonization and a variety of other ambitious exploration feats possible.
The system consists of two elements: a huge first-stage booster known as Super Heavy and an upper-stage spacecraft called Starship.
When fully stacked, a Starship vehicle towers about 390 feet (119 meters) above the ground. That’s taller than any other rocket ever built; the previous record holder, NASA’s Saturn V moon rocket, stood 363 feet (111 m) tall. And Starship’s thrust will be more than twice that of the iconic Saturn V.
Both Super Heavy and Starship are designed to be fully and rapidly reusable, a cost-saving breakthrough that Musk and SpaceX believe will revolutionize spaceflight and exploration. If everything goes well, for example, each Starship vehicle will be capable of launching from Earth’s surface every six to eight hours, and every Super Heavy will be able to do so roughly every hour, on missions that deliver up to 150 tons of payload to orbit.
That’s great but obviously it’s not easy to achieve.
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk himself admitted: Starship is a hard, hard, hard project!”
Regardless, Musk also had no intentions of ever giving up on the dream.
Because he knew that “Big rocket, big dreams!”
During three years of developing and testing Starship, Elon Musk has continuously changed the materials, techniques, and design for every part of Starship to be better.
And in today’s episode of SpaceX Fans, let’s find out how Elon Musk Upgrades everything on Starship Nosecone for its first orbital launch!
Elon Musk Upgrades everything on Starship Nosecone for first orbital launch…
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  1. Forget about NASA space x is the future NASA does not have what it takes anymore there stuck in the Apollo mind set apollo was an amazing program don't get me wrong.

  2. So Mighty Musk's dream BF Rocket is just to create and maintain Dreams ? ….. Just ignore the hard Hard HARD parts … and Dream that it Could work ! ….. So Musk is selling us CGI Dreams ? …. That's almost as Bad as the Government taxing us for the Air we breathe …. :-/

  3. How is most of this video new content in any way? It's NOT! I think you guys are making videos jsut to keep people coming back for old content organized in slightly different ways than last time. Let me know WHEN you actually have new content! Sigh!

  4. STOP applying Elon to everything SpaceX does! SpaceX employs hundreds of VERY INTELLIGENT people. Most of them are much smarter than Elon in their areas of expertise. All Elon does is provide high level guidance and large goals. He doesn't build or assemble or design anything on these rockets!

  5. I enjoy your videos. Even better would be if they didn't spend the first 1-2 reviewing what SpaceX followers already know.

  6. it would be a publicity disaster if private rockets had rounded tips, looking like giant dildos and companies negotiating with different countries to let their giant dildo looking rockets land in their space ports

  7. 8:04 and safely back on the ground. After that assuming that it goes to Mars it will have to safely land twice. Once there and the second time back on Earth.
    If it stops at Phobos or Deimos then it might use aerobraking to match speed and rendezvous before landing.