Elon Musk just revealed Starship all 33 engines firing date after B7's 7 engines Static Fire…

Elon Musk just revealed Starship all 33 engines firing date after B7’s 7 engines Static Fire…
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“As long as one is not breaking the laws of physics, it can be done”

Yeah, we’ve been waiting for so long and finally, that day has come.
Elon Musk just revealed Starship all 33 engines firing test date after B7’s 7 engines Static Fire.
We are really getting closer to an all-up static firing of Starship’s massive first-stage booster.
Let’s find out everything about this in today’s episode of Alpha Tech:

On September 19, SpaceX continued testing its Super Heavy Booster 7 stainless-steel vehicle. Its engines were fueled with cryogenic liquid methane (CH4) and liquid oxygen (LOX). Only 7 Raptor V2 engines out of 33 were ignited on Monday afternoon. However, this is a great milestone because it is the first time ever they ignite seven engines simultaneously, resulting in a fireball on the pad. During Booster 7’s previous static-fire test on August 31st, only 3 engines were ignited. “Chamber pressure looked good on all 7 engines,” shared Musk via Twitter soon after the test.

Now, let’s enjoy that amazing sound:
Can you notice that: 7 seconds, 7 engines, booster 7 coincidence? I think not.
It is “Great for clearing dust!”, Musk tweeted.
Yes, that was really crazy and that was still less than 1/4th of total engines. So excited to see all 33 light up.
But when?

When asked about when SpaceX will perform a static-fire test of all 33 Raptor V2 engines simultaneously, Musk said the rocket will now undergo more preparations at the Starbase factory. “Booster 7 now returns to high bay for robustness upgrades & booster 8 moves to pad for testing,” said Musk, “Next big test is probably full stack wet dress rehearsal, then 33 engine firing in a few weeks.”
Adding that the company’s next big Starship system test will be a “full stack wet dress rehearsal, then 33 engine firing in a few weeks.”
So, SpaceX is probably aiming for October for this historic test.

To “full stack” the vehicles, the Starbase launch tower’s robotic arms will lift Starship SN24 atop the Super Heavy Booster 7 to perform pre-flight testing. When stacked the vehicle is 395 feet tall – the largest rocket ever manufactured!

For 33 engine firing, while the V2 design significantly simplifies Raptor’s design to make it easier to build, install, and operate, it also substantially boosts maximum thrust from around 185 tons (~410,000 lbf) to at least 230 tons (~510,000 lbf). In theory, Booster 7 could theoretically produce at least 40% more thrust than Booster 4. B4, however, has yet to attempt a single static fire.
In other compare, with an estimated 17 million pounds of thrust, SpaceX’s Super Heavy is expected to produce more than twice the thrust of SLS, if the development goes as planned.
Elon Musk just revealed Starship all 33 engines firing date after B7’s 7 engines Static Fire…


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  2. NASA wasted 28 billion $ on 1 rocket that can't be used again then in year time build a other for second Launch another 28billion or more later on America is broke, they have no more money

  3. If it was me I would start 16 then start 17 or do 3 starts 11 then 11 then 11 that it not so much at one time

  4. Oh and you're slacking as you'll see in the comments but I suspect you edited out the one thing everyone wanted to hear. Has Elon revealed the test date for all 33 raptor engines or not?

  5. these time frames are way too optimistic orbital launches, tanker ships not to mention SLS integration. That list is way too long for a single year

  6. SLS is such a god awful waste of money and resources. How stupid to use a $3.2 billion single use system to deliver 3-4 astronauts to another system that can transport up 100 passengers and their cargo. The leadership at NASA should be fired for the completely irresponsible misallocation of funds that the outdated technology that is SLS

  7. Obama had NASA scrambling to save jobs when they came up with the SLS and it worked he did cough up more money and now we have this outdated Frankinstine rocket that should never fly. Maybe Musk or Bezos can come up with a way to get the Orion in space

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  9. I am not at all interested in the SLS. It's crap. It should have been scrapped permanently over a decade ago. I truly hope it explodes just after launch.

  10. Can I just point out it would be way cheaper to put the Orion capsule inside the HLS cargo bay and just scrap SLS. 😂 Your launching a lunar lander that's 20x the size of the crew capsule.

  11. Seeing as how booster 7 going back for upgrades its going to be more than a few weeks. Earliest November. Remember Elon time is always wrong.

  12. I know why NASA wants to launch their SLS TO NOWHERE before SpaceX can launch their rocket. NASA’s SLS have been over budget and years overdue. If I recall correctly Boeing had major systems mistakes. They seem to be making the Orion out of duct tape and prayers.
    They can’t have SpaceX outshine them.

    The one concern I have about SpaceX is the proximity of the tank-farm to the launch stand. If one or two engines explodes, it would start a cascading explosion. I would expect the damage would be significant.