Orbital Launch Mount Water Deluge System Tested | SpaceX Boca Chica

SpaceX tested a new water deluge system on the Orbital Launch Mount that will aid with fire and sound suppression during Super Heavy Booster testing and Starship launches.

Video and Pictures from Nic (@NicAnsuini) and Starbase Live. Edited by Nic (@NicAnsuini).

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  1. In Elon’s haste and his mentality of no part is the best part, he has painted himself into a corner. With the OLM foundation he can not now dig a flame trench as should have been done nor can he add the plumbing to allow the massive water needed or the drain off as the flame trench would have provided. I mean it’s great if he wants to pull his Tesla under there and give it a bath, but this is just another delay. And they are screwing up the tower in Florida the same way. You would think he would have held off until he did his orbital flight just to make sure he didn’t need to change something (like a flame trench and deluge system.) so here is to a 2023 orbital starship flight.

  2. It's NOT water deluge! It's a fire suppression system. Way to little for deluge. NSF knows this so I don't know why they titled it as such.

  3. Too bad the ice bucket challenge is dead, because I would i loved to see Elon do it under the OLM with the deluge system

  4. Interesting that they go with a fine mist of water instead of solid water streams…….that saves a lot of water, pump systems and needed drainage to get huge quantities of water redirected.

    I know from fire fighting that misty water cools and estinguishes fire way faster than streams of water but I have no idea how the capacity of misty water is with regard of suppressing the sound of 33 raptor2 engines.

  5. Makes me wonder why N.A.S.A. doesn't run this while the Spin-Prime Test is going on. Yeah, yeah, the cost of the water. Well, you've an Atlantic Coast just a few yards away. Pump and filter it into a giant ball tower. Use reducing pipe to increase the pressure at the nozzles like the old hydraulic miners did in California. But I don't know Jackson Shiitake about this stuff I freely admit. I still don't believe that you're putting enough water to the O.L.M. Do you have anything flowing to protect the locking levers, and hydraulic pistons, when they're locked or retracted? Thrust is a beautiful thing but it will overcome the unrestricted/free-flowing movement of water.

  6. That's not steam guys… They are just blowing out the water Probably so they can work on some more. Hopefully they will double the number of water dumps. Cause that isn't enough

  7. ummm That's pretty weak. Have they not seen a Deluge system?? That's why everyone else has a dedicated water tower to dump A LOT of water in a quick time. But, better than nothing I guess. Now maybe they will stop damaging the pad and the engines with debris

  8. This is just the first test Jesus if you guys in the comments know so much to build your own 😂
    Why would these engineers settle with these amounts of water it’s common sense 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. A flame diverter trench would make it more difficult to service swap and inspect the raptors in situ, I'm sure the production orbital stands will have something we haven't seen yet to divert/suppress