Elon Musk just officially announced SpaceX’s 1st orbital Starship launch “highly likely”in November!

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Elon Musk just officially announced SpaceX’s 1st orbital Starship launch “highly likely” in November!

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“It’s looking promising for us to have an orbital launch attempt in a few months!”
Elon Musk has just officially announced the new timeline for Starship’s first orbital flight and it’s freaking cool!
According to Musk, it’s “highly likely” SpaceX will be ready to attempt its first orbital Starship launch in November 2022, and possibly as early as late October!
That schedule even is much earlier than NASA’s suggestion!!!
Elon Musk just officially announced SpaceX’s 1st orbital Starship launch “highly likely”in November!

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  5. This and few other channels are just becoming click bate.

    Just watch a few of these and you realized they aren't providing any new info. Just pretty screenshots you can get anywhere and then tease you. But in the end its void of any new info.

  6. And has the D.P.F.A.A. OKed SpaceX's fixes for the mandatory requirements. Some of those requirements include teaching all nearby animals and fishs to play musical instruments, building orbital rockets is hard, teaching a near by salt water lobster how to play the violin, that's really hard.

  7. I got here by clicking on a Rally crash video and I am somewhat disappointed, However, I reckon there might be something to see in the future as that tank farm looks mighty close to the launch pad.

  8. Great information on StarShip, glad it will be launching soon. Thanks enjoyed watching the video 👍👍👍👍

  9. Odd video because we definitely know why the the booster and starship were retired. They were officially pathfinder prototypes. Plus the change to non rapid testing is because Elon said they were working on the starbase infrastructure. All public knowledge shared on other channels too.

  10. The first two prototypes were manufacturing exercises. Nobody had ever built a rocket that big before. They were in an unknown wilderness. With a lot of the build engineering under their belt, they went on to a working model. They'll be ready to fly one in November? Holy cow, man! That's fast!

  11. SpaceX is doing super cool stuff, but i doubt they'll be allowed to get very far with this.
    The Problem is that they Might make it all work and enable inter-planetary travel, not to mention the Weapons-grade abilities of such a rocket – If the rocket works, it's a Threat to All countries.
    If it gets to Space easily, it'll probably attract the attention of Sentients out there.
    Humans basically have to destroy and kill just to keep living, which tends not to be a good thing when meeting new people, as in non-Earth people.

  12. Another good one, and not a single click-bait in sight 😀
    You overemphasize "caution", though; at this phase is it perfectly reasonable. BTW, as you see, NASA's estimate of the first orbital launch mentioned in that 73rd IAC paper this August was right on target.

  13. Musk is a proven liar! How many times has he already mentioned a Starship launch? How many times since 2015 has he claimed that full self driving is "just around the corner"? How do you guys believe anything he says?

  14. "Moving fast and taking big risks" has its place – at the start of the development process. Don't be too impatient with SpaceX – the present speed of progress is still amazing. It is a good time to become slightly more conservative.
    BTW, recent static fires cause lots of damage – nothing spectacular, but many little "injuries" both to launch infrastructure and vehicles themselves. That's what testing is for, and now B7 is being upgraded, informed by the lessons learned.

  15. I'm sure Elon and everyone at SpaceX is going pedal to the metal on this thing, and they'll get to an actual sub-orbital test just as quickly as possible. The regulatory stuff is a murky mess from my perspective. I'm not seeing a lot of definitive info on that from anyone. Maybe it just isn't possible to quantify how many and which of the requirements they've met to this point and how many and which ones are still to be met. And, I'm sure, each of those has an associated timeline, as to how quickly one could reasonably expect each to be accomplished. So, maybe that's a project for someone. So, there are two components to this. One is how quickly they can get to the point where it's prudent to launch, and the other is all about permission to launch from the regulators. A green light for a launch is contingent on both conditions being fully met. Anybody wanna take that assignment on?

  16. They can't launch until nasa does because they have priority. Nasa can't fix its lowest bidder system. Well we'll be waiting a while

  17. There’s some great people at the FAA, but there’s also some people at the FAA that have their head shoved so far up their butts they can see daylight… Prime example is how they’ve ignored pilot safety with Remote ID for drones, then the cluster they created and had to delay the rollout of drone manufacturing requirements for Remote ID… there’s probably some greedy nut job at the FAA taking a secret paycheck from one of SpaceX’s competitors or detractors to deny a launch that would have been approved if it was another company.

  18. I though to save fuel he should create something that shots the starship in the sky and then the star ship uses the built in rocket that is a big boost

  19. 33 raptors firing is mind blowing how they would not tear them self apart ? Huge fans Pulling the pressures created couldn't hurt ? 2Q 4. U. Aloha.😎