Good News! SpaceX About To Conduct 33 Engine Static Fire Test Of Super Heavy Booster 7

SpaceX has completed a record-breaking test of a Starship booster and rolled a newer Super Heavy prototype to the launch pad …


  1. Robustness upgrades= engine shielding, to prevent catastrophic explosion in the event of engine failures.

  2. in looking at these videos it appears that there is a tank farm only a few dozen feet away from the launch pad. That seems very close given how much fire blasts out of the bottom of these things. I remember when I toured the Saturn V launch at Kennedy and it had huge channels to deflect the exhaust out to each side and there was nothing anywhere near the tower.
    How do they protect all of those tanks at the SpaceX?

  3. No big bang , no black holes , no dark matter , no nebular acreation , no snowball xomets , no orrt cloud ,
    See the thunderbolts project for real science !

  4. SpaceX recently did a test at McGregor of a Raptor2 rigged to fail in order to test a blast containment shield that would protect adjacent engines in event of a single engine failure. The shield held, and might be the object of the mentioned "robustness upgrade".

  5. Can they fit shielding to the inside of the OLM legs to protect the mass of pipes and cables that are fitted, and a steel blast tunnel for the exhaust of the booster when testing the engines, especially 33 Raptor engines.